Sunday, April 05, 2015

Guiris in Spain; Road deaths; Trust; Hand-drying; Metroman; Pub grub; & Scouse angels

The end-2014 stats give the largest groups of foreigners living in Spain as:-Romanians (1.0m), Moroccans(0.8m) and Brits(0.3m). I say 'suggest' since no one really knows how many Brits - for example - are living here without registering with the local town hall or taking up official residence. Or even just living here for just under the 6 month level that's relevant for tax purposes. A number nearer a million is occasionally quoted.

I cited a recent increase in mortalities on Spanish roads, after a decade of impressive falls. According to El Tráfico, this is because of 'economic improvement'. Others feel it reflects a drop in road maintenance during 7 years of recession and austerity.

Spain, I was told years ago, is a country of low ethics and low trust. That's why you have to produce your ID card for even small bank card purchases and to take delivery of everything. Here in the UK, things are a bit different. On Friday, my friend Dave bought some paper napkins marked down by a pound. At the check-out, the girl asked for the full price. When Dave commented, she simply asked what price he'd seen and charged it. Then, yesterday, I took some shaving cream to the pay desk in Boots and expressed surprise at the price of 10.75, saying I thought it was 2.69. The guy said 'OK' and charged me the latter price. Then last night Dave told me the Co-op had agreed to give him a 12 quid roll of tape for 2.50 because the wrong price tag had been put on it. Now, this really is good customer orientation. BTW: When I checked later on line, the correct price of the shaving cream was 10.75. My 2.69 was the price of a tiny tube of the stuff . . .

If you're coming to the UK from Spain - or anywhere, for that matter - bear in mind that the hand driers in most places here are now made from redundant NASA jet engines. They dry you hands by stripping it of the wet layer of skin.

He cooks; he cleans; he likes women who swear and drink . . . Not just me, apparently, but also Stanley Tucci. Whoever the hell he is.

I had lunch with my daughters yesterday. Among the 'Pub Classics' was Chicken Makhani Tiffin. As if.

My mother's instructions for her tea - I like quite a lot of milk, but not too much. I got it right, astonishingly.

Finally . . . Overheard in a MacDonald's in Liverpool, as a group of young teenage girls was getting up to go: Well, that was fun, cherubs. Nice.

Oh, f----n' hell

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Alfred B. Mittington said...

Try this one on for size:

For a certain recipe which demanded (f)owl, I went to the meat counter of the local Froiz. They had a plate of marvelous little birds, with a price tag that said:

Picaton /u
€ 3,45 kg

So I ordered one. Got it, and walked away. However, I had seen the price appear on the scale, and a moment later it struck me that €3,45 for a small bird of barely a third of a kilo could not be right. I returned to the counter, and told the sales assistant. No, she spoke, it is 3,45 euros each. 'Por Unidad'.

Well, I countered, it doesn't say that. It says 3,45 per kilogram.

No, she insisted, look at the tag: it says 'u'. That means Unidad.

I told her this was nonsense, as 'u' could stand for anything (Usted, U-boat, You, Unicorn, Heartbroken… etc etc etc), but Kg clearly means price per weight; and that this is VERY MUCH against the law. However, I decided I would let it slip (I want to be on friendly terms with the ladies in my supermarket) but told her they ought to change that.

Yes, she agreed. You are right. I'll see to it that the manager changes the way the tags are made.

This was two months ago. And the picatones at Froiz are still priced € 3,45 kg, per 'u'.

Good thing the (F)owl Au Vin was delicious, as it always is…


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