Sunday, May 31, 2015

FIFA; The EU; In-words, Out-words; Brit-Am slang: & A young reynard.

FIFA: Russia, of course, voted for another Blatter presidency. I wasn't too surprised to see that RT TV reported things as a western conspiracy "to effect regime change". One wonders whether they could see a parallel elsewhere. Anyway, on the TV - but not in this article on their site - they produced a blue-red map showing the stark 'West-East divide' and I was surprised to see Australia and New Zealand painted red. Which they shouldn't have been, as they voted against Blatter. But it was enlightening to know that the affair had nothing to do with corruption or sport but was all about western power and greed. And annoyance that Russia and Quatar had been given the rights to World Cup matches. What a comfortably cosy world view. Final word - The FIFA federation was described as being 'bruised and battered'; but shouldn't this be 'blattered'?

Spaniards, we're told, are slowly cutting out the smoking habit. It's down to a third of the population, says a new survey. 90% of whom, I guess, are young women desperate to stay thin and look sophisticated. Deluded, suicidal fools that they are.

The EU: For those with a deep interest in the UK relationship with the EU and the real chances of a Brexit, this is the blog for you. There you'll learn that the situation has just got simpler - the "Swiss Option" is now judged to be dead. Which reminds me . . How's this for arrogance, from someone in Brussels:- "“Everybody is very aware that Britain is the next big problem on the horizon. The mood is that we’ve got to save the British from themselves."?

If you were to guess at what new words the Oxford Junior Dictionary included in its latest edition you might well come up with blog, broadband, bullet-point, cut-and-paste, and MP3. But, if asked to guess what words they'd removed, would you come up with any of acorn, beech, cygnet, fern, pasture or willow? I suspect not. Well, not if you're over, say, 40.

Finally, and talking of words:- Here's a list drawn up by an American anglophile of equivalent words and phrases as between US and UK English. I would quibble with only 2 or 3 of them:-
1. Tosser – Idiot

2. Cock-up – Screw up

3. Bloody – Damn

4. Gobsmacked – Amazed

5. Blimey! – My Goodness

6. Wanker – Idiot

7. Loo – Toilet/Bathroom

8. Nutter – Crazy Person

9. Her Majesty’s Pleasure – To be in prison

10. Horses for Courses – Won’t work for someone else

11. Sod Off – Piss off/ Go Away

12. Lost the Plot – Gone Crazy

13. Knackered – Tired

14. Taking the Piss – Screwing around/ Making fun of

15. Toff – Upper Class Person

16. Kip – Sleep or nap

17. Chav/Chavvy – White trash

18. Know Your Onions – Knowledgeable

19. Dodgy – Suspicious

20. Wonky – Not right/ Off

21. Knob Head – Idiot/ Dickhead

22. Stag Night – Bachelor Party

23. Hen Party – Bachelorette Party 

24. Blighty – Britain

25. Skive – Lazy or avoid doing something
25. Bits ‘n Bobs – Various things

26. Daft Cow – Idiot

27. Uni – College/University

28. Punter – Customer/ Prostitute’s Client

29. Chat Up – Flirt

30. Fit – Hot/ Attractive

31. On the Pull – Looking for sex

32. Shambles - Things gone wrong
33. I’m Off to Bedfordshire – Going to bed

34. Arse-over-tit – Fall over/ Trip on something

35. Bloody – Damn

36. Gutted – Sad/ Devastated

37. Slag – Slut

38. Biscuit – Cookie/ Cracker

39. Full monty – Whole thing/ Entire

40. Blimey! – My Goodness

41. Blinkered  – Narrow  or close minded 

42. Bob’s Your Uncle – There you go!

43. Motorway– Road/ Highway

44. Fanny – Vagina

45. Knickers – Panties/ Underwear

46. Throw a Spanner in the Works – Screw up/ Totally mess up

47. Made Redundant – Fired from a job

48. Abso-bloody-lutely – YES!

49. Dog’s Dinner – Ugly/ Dressed hideously

50. Rubbish – Garbage or ‘That’s crap!’

P. S. 7pm last night. Just driving out of a village, I spy a young fox trotting along the side of the road towards the village. How's that for domesticity?. Probably heading for the communal bins, to fight it out with the local dogs and cats.

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