Sunday, May 17, 2015

Podemos; Monuments; Gyms and Gypsies; Merseysiders; & The rewards of chastity.

Podemos is the left-of-centre political party which rose out of the Indignados movement of a couple of years ago. I attended - briefly - one of their rallies in Madrid last week. Their politics may be a tad too far to the left for me, but I like their colour. Not a lot of men, though:-

Outside Madrid, as you drive to or from the north west, there's a vast cross up in the hills. Below this are a basilica and an abbey. All of these are monuments to Franco's victory and his slaughter of Republican fighters, supporters and prisoners-cum-slave-workers. They shouldn't be there but they are. Worse, it's unlikely they'll disappear in the foreseeable future, thanks to Spain's decision to forget the Civil War. Here's The Economist on this.

One of the latest victims of the continuing(?) recession here has been the large gym in the small industrial estate by the gypsy encampment down the hill. I'm guessing membership plummeted after the January surge. I did once get details of prices, but never joined.

Which reminds me . . . One of the promises of the ruling council in my barrio is to finally drive a road from the stump at a roundabout on the main road out of Pontevedra. This will let the resort-bound traffic bypass the bottleneck down by the bridge. But it will go straight through said gypsy encampment and its illegal homes. Two birds with one stone? Either way, sparks will surely fly.

So, did you know that, apart from all the ones you do know, all the following were born on Merseyside?:-
  • Daniel Craig
  • Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket)
  • Rex Harrison
  • Glenda Jackson
  • George Melly
  • Simon Rattle
  • Anne Robinson
  • Leonard Rossiter ('Rigsby in Rising Damp')
  • Adrian Boult
Finally . . . I loved this recollection of a Times columnist: It reminded me of the award made by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire to the Countess of Salisbury following the signing of the Treaty of Berlin in 1878. She was awarded the Turkish Order of Chastity (Third Class).

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Perry said...

Turkish order of Chastity.

1st Class No. No. No.
2nd Class No. No. Yes.
3rd Class No. Yes. Yes.

As for your new road there is an English precedent. New Oxford Street was driven through the Rookery to join the areas of Oxford Street and Holborn.,_London#The_rookery

About your 16th May post, Belén Esteban has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

H/T Les Dawson