Thursday, May 07, 2015

Those Funny Spanish again; UK elections; Corruption; Apple; & Seagulls v. 'dog'.

Having reviewed all the nearly 200 things I've posted about Those Funny Spanish, I've realised I failed to mention one of their most important attributes - their attitude to time. Going out on a limb, I'll say this reflects 700 years under Islam and several hundred years under unReformed Catholicism. Someone has said that the Spanish know how to 'eat time'. We all, know, of course, that punctuality isn't their greatest strength but, putting this aside, it's impossible to argue against John Carlin's view that: The main reason why I like Spain more than any other country in which I have spent more than a year at a stretch is that here they have come as close as I have seen to figuring out how life should be lived. The Spanish have discovered a happy balance, I believe, between the requirements of labour - the ineluctable need to make money - and the no less ineluctable truth that life is short and, where possible, to be savoured. . . . The main reason why the Spanish way of life is so likeable has to do with the civilised balance they have found in their lives. Money and work are important but they must not be allowed to get in the way of other priorities. Like being humane. Like taking people on trust. Like behaving nobly. More from John here

The UK Election: Reading a biography of Tony Blair, I wasn't too surprised to hear that Gordon Brown's fiercest attack dog - and the man most detested in the Blairite camp of this massively divided administration - was Ed Balls. Strangely, for such a key figure in the Labour party, he seems to have been absent from their campaign, possibly because of the unreconstructed Old Labour views of both him and his partner, Yvette Cooper. And it's a tad disconcerting to know that, should Miliband become PM tomorrow, Ed Balls will be in charge of the economy and Ms Cooper will hold another senior position. Perhaps they'll even bring back Gordon Brown.

The Corruption Cavalcade
A judge has started the process for seizing assets of the disgraced Princess Cristina, after she failed to pay a €2.7m bond to cover her liability in the case. He's ordered her to hand over a list of assets, with a view to impounding some or all of them.

Having got my permission to send me promotional bumf, Apple failed to respond to my on-line query. I'm going to Vigo today and will call in on their shop. I'm beginning to seriously dislike the company, notwithstanding my affection for its products. 

Finally . . . Worse even than the pigeons which annoy me so much in Pontevedra are the ferocious seagulls which snatch things from your very hands, en route to your mouth. So I sympathised with the owner when I read this headline: Seagulls peck chihuahua to death in back garden. On the other hand, I hate tiny ugly dogs . . .  

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