Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spain's unions; Fine local dining; Reviews; Human evolution; & An encomium.

Spain has 2 large trade unions - UGT and CCOO. The ABC newspaper tells us they have around 10,000 people employed to do nothing more than union chores. This wouldn't matter if their salaries were paid by the unions but, in fact, they're financed by public funds. Nice work if you can get get. And probably guaranteed for life.

Britain's Financial Times given us a list of the 5 best family-run restaurants in Spain. A little to my surprise, this includes one in my barrio of Poio, across the river from Pontevedra. It is, of course, the sort of place where you get amuse-bouches between courses. And a huge bill. Someone has to pay for the promotion.

Sitting outside my favourite tapas bar/restaurant, I regularly see people stop and tap something into their smartphone. My guess is it's the name of the place and they're checking reviews on TripAdvisor or the like. Is this really the way to do it? If you can't get informed local advice, I guess it is. Meaning there's a premium on good reviews, written by the owners and friends.

Which reminds me . . . Sitting on the other side of the aisle from 2 young women on the train on Tuesday, and observing their silent smartphone activity during the entire 30 minute journey, I wondered whether a new primate was evolving - the 2-thumbed ape. No fingers, just 2 highly flexible and sensitive thumbs. And with no power of verbal communication.

Finally . . . Very nice to see this tribute to Steven Gerrard of Liverpool FC in one of the Spanish papers: A noble player in a world - that of the football elite - where there's less and less nobility.

Finally, finally . . . My internet download speed achieved its historic low of 0.2megas yesterday. Roll on cable.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Are you sure public money pays for those 'liberated' union officials? It was my understanding that things are even worse: any company with more than a certain number of workers has to maintain, from company funds, the salary of employees who are thus detached to union duties. A little like the Tsar having to finance the Bolshevik party, to my mind… But Spain is different!


Sierra said...

Presumably the Spanish equivalent of UK's "pilgrims" (named after Jane Pilgrim -, which were/are the subject of attention there:

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