Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Spanish percentages; Empathy; Pronunciations; Apostrophes; & Buying abroad.

Are these headlines connected at all?
  • Over 60% of Spaniards have never read Don Quixote.
  • Over 80% of Spaniards say they're 'happy' to 'completely happy'.
Yesterday, while learning of a new Museum of Empathy in the UK, I heard the word 'empathic'. At first, I thought it was a slip of the tongue, for 'empathetic' but the speaker used it again and I had to look it up. Sure enough, it's a synonym for 'empathetic'. And, as it's shorter, it deserves to take over.

Talking of words . . . I've recently heard several mis-pronunciations, by which I mean pronunciations not shared with me:-
  • Tunís, instead of Túnis.
  • Erítrea, instead of Eritréa.
  • Ápostate, instead of apóstate.
  • Pedagoji, instead of pedagogy.
I wonder who's right these days. If anyone.

Talking of standards . . . This mistake appeared in The Daily Telegraph yesterday, by no means for the first time:- The reptile makes it's bid for freedom. It raises the question: Now that the newspapers are farming out their sub-editing to 17 year-olds in their New Zealand bedrooms, isn't it time to forget about the apostrophe and the stress it causes? 

Finally . . . Here are 10 things The Daily Express thinks you should consider before buying a retirement home abroad. And here's The Daily Telegraph's variation on the same theme. For obvious reasons, I haven't read them but I hope they say much the same thing. The 11th. rule to note is: Don't come to Pontevedra. There's too many foreigners here already.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Ow, you's asking for it now….

1. In the first paragraph, you forgot one statistic. Asked what is their favorite book, 100 % of Spaniards answer: Don Quijote.

2. The statement: 'As it's shorter, it deserves to take over', can only come from the likes of you and Napoleon Bonaparte.

3. If not offered the choice of Eritréa, I think I would prefer Erítrea over Eriréa.

4. What in the world do you mean with Pedagoji? Who the f…. says that?

5. If "It's bid for freedom" is so very wrong, then why is "There's foreigners" so acceptable? Might this be yet one more example of your VERY selective linguistic flexibility? Or are you going to hide behind: I did this on purpose to see if my readers would catch me?

6. One who does no editorial check himself, should not perhaps complain about the work of New Zealand teenagers who have better things to do in their bedroom than to correct the scribbly caprices of their elders.

Your's, MorAlist

Colin Davies said...

Pedagoji? Who the f…. says that? WEll, I certainly don't. Perhaps you'd like to re-read the text. Sr. UncomicAL.

"There's foreigners"???

The NZ teenagers get paid for their mistakes.

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