Monday, July 06, 2015

Tax forms; Friday work; Timeshares; Coruña a/port; Google Maps; & Wolves.

Over the years I've mentioned that the most impressively efficient operation in Spain is the Hacienda, the Tax Office. Well, if we ignore its failure to catch the biggest fish, anyway. For several years they've sent me a draft return which I've usually just confirmed on line. This year, though, I needed to change the draft and used their program, PADRE, which calculated the sums and filled all the boxes as we went along. Though, happily, not the one which allocated a percentage of my taxes to the Catholic Church. I won't say it was a pleasure to complete my tax declaration but it was remarkably easy. Especially as the Guide, if you have to use it, is over 800 pages long.

Can it really be so? A Spanish friend told me recently that only one Spanish company listed on the IBEX 35 - the Galician company Inditex(Zara etc.) - doesn't give its employees Friday afternoon off? At least during the summer, I guess.

A British gangster, John Palmer, was murdered recently. Among a list of his criminal achievements was defrauding 17,000 Brits of £300m via a timeshare scam 15 years ago. Which he continued to manage from a prison cell in the UK. This amounts to just under £18,000 per person/couple tricked, apparently in the form of useless deposits. Easy money. BTW - Palmer couldn't read or write when he left school at 16. But clearly had other skills. Arm-breaking, perhaps.

An addendum to my comment last week on the crazy expansion of La Coruña airport . . . As reader Sierra has pointed out, it would be difficult to add another runway, as space is so short it's already like landing on an aircraft carrier. So, I checked and found they've merely expanded the existing runway so they can take larger aircraft. Which can then try out unprofitable long distance routes, before giving up on them.

Has anyone else found that the positioning of bars, restaurants and shops in Google Maps is hopeless? Nowhere near where they really are.

Finally . . . What are the odds? I have 12 emails in my In Box and 2 of them are from people called Wolf. Well, Woolf and Wolfe but it's the same difference.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

What are the odds, indeed?

Well, I cannot speak for Europe, but there are American sites which tally such things. Here we learn that among the 150,000 most common last names (yes, you read that well: 150,000 possible last names), 'Wolfe' ranks 328th, and Woolf 7,052nd. The former one may look rare at first sight, but perhaps you should also take into consideration that the last name 'Davies' ranks 1,092nd on the list (yes: one thousand ninety-second). Had you dropped that redundant 'e', you would have found yourself in the 6th ranking together with countless other 'Davis's'.

As we're at it, let's just add that the nº 1 yankee last name is Smith, and nº 2 is Johnson. Surprise...

And as a special treat: Mittington does not appear in the 150,000 most common last name. We are unique!


Colin Davies said...

The redundant 'e', you ignorant old bugger, indicates Welsh origin. Without it, the name is English in origin. My recollection is that Davies is the 5th most common surname in the UK. And who the hell would want to be called Mittington? Everyone except you has changed it by deedpoll.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

My dear friend,

I have no doubt that 'Davies' is also one of the very most common names in Australia. That is, after all, where they send all them unwanted individuals to in the splendid 19th century.

Alfred Baron Mittingtown (the original of my noble name…)

Sierra said...

At least Google will correct the positioning if they are notified. Garmin (now HERE maps) are hopeless - have been trying to get our estate in Lugo added for the last eight years without success. Incidentally your area of Poio is still shown in dotted lines as the original draft plans on Garmin maps; bears no relation to the actual roads constructed. TomTom is OK

Colin Davies said...

Intersting. I have a Garmin and it now shows my barrio. But not yet the new bit of the A8 near Mondoñedo, even though I've updated the Spanish maps.

?now HERE maps? Was there a link?

Colin Davies said...

@Alfie M. Well done. Your last comment almost made me laugh. But, anyway, Davies is not in the top 250 names in Australia, unlike the common Davis.

Hina Khan said...

A British gangster, John Palmer, was murdered recently. Among a list of his criminal achievements was defrauding 17,000 Brits of £300m via a timeshare scam 15 years ago.

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Maria said...

There are Spanish companies that give their employees Friday afternoon off??? Possibly as a result of the new labor laws, pretending it'll create jobs, but it just lowers salaries.

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