Thursday, August 20, 2015

Propaganda; Risk attitudes; Good service; Driving; Gym crisis; & T-shirts

I had a truly surreal TV experience yesterday - Watching the Russian RT's panel discussion on US propaganda. Then, again, they are experts on this.

Last week in Tiffintown, my visitors saw a guy on roller blades swerving in and out of folk in the pedestrian area, with a baby crooked in his left arm. Only in Spain?

Last night I had to fill up with fuel at 11.30 and the petrol station was only operating a pre-pay system. Having over-estimated the size of my tank, I found I'd overpaid by €6 and anticipated a problem getting some money back, or at least a credit note. But the attendant offered the cash before I'd even spoken. A nice surprise, which reminded me I've always found the attendants and cashiers in petroleras here to be pleasant and helpful. Which is not something you can say of the UK. Not that there are many attendants there these days. All self-service.

Talking of cars . . .There are more than 400 driving schools in Pontevedra province, 160 of them in the city. All of them are expensive, there being something of a protected cartel. Most of the city schools appear to operate in my barrio, possibly because the testing centre is in the 'marshlands'(marismas) at the bottom of the hill.

Which reminds me . . . On the way to the bottom of the hill, I pass this sad-looking building:-

Until early this year it was an (expensive) gym. Perhaps it was a mistake to locate it next to the spot where our local gypsies do their drug-dealing(trapicheo), when not interrupted by the regular police visits.

Finally . . . Here's just some of the T-shirts slogans I've clocked in Tiffintown over the summer. One of them is phoney. There's the usual humungous prize for the reader who guesses which one.
Guess my weight [Could be dangerous]
I want that [Ditto]
Where are you from? I'm from London
I went to one of those T-shirt printing places and asked them to put 'Fuck off, you dirty beggar' on a T-shirt for me but they refused. So I told them to fuck off instead
Keep calm
Just do it
Bloggers do it better
Bad to the bone
Fitness for life
It wasn't me really
Wanted and wild
We can be heroes
Elephants prefer blue
Beautiful and wise
Move your bones
I'll sleep when I'm dead
# trending
I love you
Sweat & Bono
You are on my wishlist
If you love me, smile
I believe
Ride one

Can't you tell it's summer.


Sierra said...

"...Not that there are many attendants there these days..." Not just UK, our local Repsol station has gone attendant-less. Card in slot, press buttons for type of fuel and quantity

Patrick Glenn said...

no one would mention bloggers on t-shirt

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