Friday, August 14, 2015

The economy; Celtic words; Ancient Brits; Gallego performers; Kids and bulls; Llanito; Silly clothes; & Barbie.

The Spanish economy: Here's the New York Times' take on this, for those interested.

Reader Cossue has kindly sent a list of Celtic words in Gallego/Castellano. You can see these in a comment to this post. I'm guessing there are a lot more words of (more recent) Moorish/Arabic origin in these two Iberian languages. Including nearly all that begin with 'al', and such everyday words as naranja, lima and berenjena. So, do Galicians have more Arab genes that Celtic genes? Who knows?

Which reminds me . . . One thing genetic research has shown is that the English are just as Celtic as the Welsh. This raises doubts over the long-held consensus that the Anglo-Saxons invaded and then pushed the original Brits westwards into the Welsh mountains. Rather, they settled and inter-bred. Wimps.

Here's a group of Gallego musicians and dancers performing in front of our Peregrina church. I very much doubt their national costumes, instruments and songs display any Celtic influence but they're nonetheless admirable. This is not, as I've insisted, to deny the Celtic presence in NW Spain. Just that this was unique to Galicia. The foto is part of a video which, alas alack, doesn't seem to want to play.

Talking of the arts . . . The owner of several bullrings across Spain has claimed "It does no harm whatsoever" for children to watch a bullfight. And that "It will do them more harm to watch a Gay Pride march." Where do they drag them up from? Anyway, most Spaniards don't appear to agree and many have pilloried him on social networks for his load of old bull.

Down in Gibraltar, their mix of English and Spanish - Llanito - is said to be dying out in favour of English. Some see this decline as a reflection of modern times but others suggest it's being hastened by renewed tensions with Spain. "The damage that Spain has inflicted on Gibraltar with its insults and constant bullying makes it a language of the oppressor,” said one of these recently. Which reminds me . . . It was reader Bill who commented on Gibraltar the other day, not Mike as I said yesterday. Apologies to both of my readers.

Another query: How old does a woman have to be before wearing tight jeans gashed as both knees looks ridiculous? Probably the same age as a man wearing trousers that end at the calf. 

Finally . . . Taking a tiffin with my daughter last night, I was rather taken aback at the sight of a caricature of a woman: Tall, bleached blonde, tight black skinny jeans, 6 inch(15cm) heels, and a cropped white shirt over a rather large bosom. A living Barbie doll. It takes all sorts. Thank God.

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Barcelona's Singing Organ-Grinder said...

If Primark were to retail Hungarian gypsy fancy dress, I'm pretty sure they'd go with red waistcoats, green cummerbunds and poacher hats. Not many chemical factories in 19th century Galicia.

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