Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sp. v Portugal; Banco Santander; Sp. residents; Pontevedra shellfish; Internet; Driving to Merseyside; Blow jobs; & That Muslim lady again.

JuanRodriguez Cabrillo: You may not be aware of it but, for the last 500 years, there's been a dispute between Spain and Portugal over which nation could claim to be the birthplace of this chap, the first person to land in California. Much to the disgust of the Portuguese community there, newly discovered documents show this honour goes to Spain. Presumably they'll have to find something else to boast about and celebrate every year. Or prove there's been a forgery.

Banco Santander: It's rumoured that Spain's (and the EU's) largest bank will shortly scrap its generous offer of 3%pa on new current accounts. I wonder whether it's connected with reports that a severe economic reverse in Brazil will result in huge damage to the bank. Time will tell. Meanwhile, here's Don Quijones on the threat.

Living in Spain: I've been here for 15 years now but this pales against the 50 years of my American friend, Dwight. For reasons beyond my ken, the Spanish government regard both of us - and all other residents in Spain as "residential tourists". Which speaks to me of a certain lack of self-esteem and of pessimism in Madrid. It's assumed we'll all bugger off at some time. 

Pontevedra: A story to cool the cockles of your heart. A parasite has devastated the shellfish harvest in our rías. Prices increases must be inevitable. More details, in English, here in El País.

Internet acronyms: For anyone older than 30 trying to get down with the kids, here's the latest of these - LMIRL. It's for folk who've been 'meeting' on line and have decided they like each other - in so far as they know who's on the other end. It stands, of course, for 'Let's meet in real life.' As if you didn't know. ROFL.

An alternative route to Merseyside: Here's a bit of advice for those travelling from the south to Chester, the Wirral or even Liverpool. Come off the M6 at the M54 and drive north on the A41 via the beautiful countryside of Shropshire and Cheshire. It's quite a bit shorter than going via the M6, the M56 and the M53 and you miss the almost permanent jams around the Knutsford exit. Plus you get a chance to see wonderful examples of both Shropshire and Cheshire architecture. Including both magpie and glorious red sandstone examples in the latter. But please don't do this if you're a lorry/truck driver.

Nice Work?: Outside a hairdressers in West Kirby is a sign saying: BRAZILIAN BLOW DRY. I wondered whether this really was what it seemed to be. And whether it was two services or just one. Whatever, it seems like an interesting job. Not.

Finally . . . HT to my La Coruña friend, Eamon, for this foto of yesterday's lady with her tool of the trade - a lolipop. She does look happy in her work.

P. S. These fotos are suspect. Check out the background in each of them.


Sierra said...

Not sure regarding the 3% interest at Santander, but they are increasing the monthly fee by 150% to £5

Eamon said...

Don't believe every photograph that you see as it is very easy to change. Using Photoshop one can add and subtract anything in a picture. Notice how I have added the stop sign and also the lady's hand which I stole from another photo. I blurred the bottom of the sign pole so you can see the picture is a fake as it doesn't look correct.

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