Saturday, September 12, 2015

Spanglish; Sp. Tragedies: Paloma Faithless; British trash; A new cancer?; & Fotos of my first grandchild.

Spanglish: The Local believes these 10 English words have been not just taken aboard by the Spanish but improved on:-
  • Footing
  • Parking
  • Hacer Zapping
  • Crack
  • Gin-tonic
  • Esmoquin
  • Lifting
  • El face
  • El office
  • Quiqui

You'll have realised that 2 of these are not really English words. Explanations here.

Spanish tragedies: 1. The total of men/fools killed in bull-running this year has risen to 13; 2. There were 7 people killed at a motor rally in northern Spain last week, when a car left the road. I've often wondered why this doesn't happen more often, given that spectators stand so close to the tracks. There was an incident in Portugal a few years back when a guy was hit and then flew through the air, somersaulting 2 or 3 times. The Spanish media loves this sort of stuff and the news channel I was watching felt it necessary to show the incident 4 or 5 times in quick succession, to ensure we got every nuance of the fatal tragedy.

British singer, Paloma Faith, who has a Spanish father, recently performed in Gibraltar. The audience was less than pleased when her first words were: "Hola, España!". I hope she doesn't give up her day job.

One of the pluses of using a public hospital in the UK is that you witness the whole range of British society - from the wealthy, thin lefties who wouldn't be seen dead in a private hospital to the fat, ugly, tattooed white trash that features on TV programs on benefit fraud. I saw 2 males of the latter species when entering the Delivery Ward last night, dressed in baseball caps, leery shirts and trousers cut off at the calf. Them, not me. Anyway, I recalled I'd seen them a few minutes earlier, getting out of a car parked in a bay which had a sign saying, in large letters:- Reserved for Consultants on Emergency Call-out. I thought they were strangely dressed for consultants and wondered whether they were off on a fishing trip. But when I saw them on the ward, I felt disgusted and angered at their loutish and potentially dangerous behaviour. But then I realised the pair were probably illiterate and couldn't read the sign. There surely can't be any other explanation.

Incidentally, parking charges at the hospital were over a quid an hour, with a minimum of 3 quid. Happily, though, my son-in-law had been told of a wheeze with which you could get the barrier to rise without paying. So, I'd better not tell you which hospital it is. Unless you send cash.

Finally . . . According to one of the senior UK papers this morning, I'll soon be able to avail myself of a "£10 urine test for rostate cancer". As if I weren't worried enough about prostate cancer!

Finally, finally . . . I can't resist showing you these fotos of me and my first grandchild, Grace-Marie. I've been instructed to stop calling her Peanut. Which was the pre-birth nickname of an un-sexed foetus. And quite acceptable back then, an eon ago.

Our first kiss.

Me, testing the monkey-grip theory. It worked. But I refrained from lifting her up by one hand, as my daughter was watching.


Eamon said...

Congratulations to your daughter on the birth of your first grandchild.

paideleo said...

Congratulations, grandpa !.

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