Thursday, September 03, 2015

The EU people crisis; Spanish grubbiness; Galicia rocks; Spanish efficiency; & Lampposts.

The migrant/refugee/asylum seeker crisis: Nothing shows the pathetic inadequacy of the EU more than its failure to get anywhere near dealing with this. Absent any policy agreement, governments are acting in line with their perceived national interests, with the UK saying it won't take many and Spain saying it will take only 2,749. The usual Spanish specious exactitude with numbers. Solidarity my arse.

Spanish grubbiness - Our right-of-centre PP government is giving the Constitutional court powers to fine or suspend elected officials and civil servants who don't comply with its rulings. No one is in any doubt that this is aimed at Catalans who are promoting independence, particularly the president. This is how 'negotiating' works these days in Spain. As the people of Gibraltar well know. Laughably, the Spanish Foreign Minister - Motormouth Margallo - has recently boasted that his policy vis-a-vis The Rock is working. Even dafter and self-delusional than I thought.

Galicia: Workers in Cristovo de Cea were told to repair a granite picnic table. Sadly, this turned out to be a 6,000-year-old Neolithic tomb. Great pix here.

Here's some proof of my claim that the Spanish tend to think ahead mainly when there's fun involved. We have our Feria Franca (Medieval Fair) tomorrow and Saturday. Preparations started over a week ago, with ancient walls and gates being replicated in various place around the old quarter. As with this old entrance on the camino from Portugal, just past the Virgin of the Pilgrims church.

And here it is a day or so ago, already finished, well in time.

Finally . . . Down the hill, some landscaping has taken place - very slowly - over the last month or so. For more than a week now, it's been left like this, with placements, I suppose, for future lampposts. I assume (hope) that there's no electricity supply to them.

Which reminds me . . . Here's the latest view of The Leaning Lamppost of Poio, outside my house:-

It's certainly moved a bit since my last foto. And looks worse in reality.

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Q10 said...

Colin, You appear to have recovered, what a relief. Must have been all that physical exercise which drove out your debilitating ennui. "Abandon that car and get out more" I hear your readers cry.

"The migrant/refugee/asylum seeker crisis" - Chaos, with much worse to come - Agreed.

Cristovo de Cea granite picnic table - Your link contained no "Pix" - This link contains a photograph, but only of its sorry concrete replacement.

Maybe for the best, as sight of the original could have engendered a Palmyra like fury, leaving one unable to face another day.

Plywood and scaffold "replications" of ancient walls and gates - Big improvement over the carbuncle-like modern stuff I would say.

Leaning lamppost "foto" - From your photograph, I can see a rope pulling it over. Council employee protecting the continuity of his employment perhaps?

WHAT? You cannot find your gay kissing link? - Pay attention - This was from 5th para. of your Sep 02 Blog - "Rural Pride for Gay Country Dwellers in Galicia" which referred to it being more acceptable in Madrid than Galicia.

Do you bother to read what you publish? You should, I recommend it.

And finally, FT links hide behind a paywall, inaccessible to your less affluent readers. But there is a paywall bypass trick ... Shhh - But that's not for me to divulge here. Maybe you need to? Or paste a quote, or would even that be a breach copyright which would put you in jail?