Thursday, October 08, 2015

Corruption : Spanish nationality : Spanglish: Banking in Spain.

CORRUPTION : President Rajoy has admitted he hasn't done enough to counter this. He also agreed the Pope is a Catholic and that bears defecate in the woods. HT to Private Eye.
SPANISH NATIONALITY: There are said to be two of these: 1. Spanish, and 2. Anti-Spanish.

SPANGLISH: You'll be familiar with food trucks from which you can buy various fare. In Madrid, I'm told, these are increasingly common, in a trend known as 'Madreat'. Geddit?

FINALLY: Having noticed papers piling up on my desk, I decided to check why. They were primarily bank chits for the last 5 months, reflecting the absence of statements for that period - since Banco Pastor took over my bank. Checking with the lovely Ariana, I learned this wasn't because they now only issue  internet statements but because they hadn't got their act together yet. Impressive, eh? No communications on this, of course.

Off to Segovia with friends today, to do a bit of sightseeing and walking. Service may or may not be normal.

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