Friday, October 30, 2015

Corruption; Words; A funny ad; Our station; & A new kennels.

CORRUPTION: I wish I could tell you which is the most scandalous case garnering the headlines at the moment. Perhaps that of the 'father of Catalan nationhood' and his family. The money in their overseas accounts now stands at c. 40m euros, having started at 3m. But there's plenty of competition for this accolade.

WORDS: Among several things, Tony Blair stands accused of 'granulation' in the context of his recent 'confession' on Iraq. I wish I knew what it means.

A STRANGE AD: I've admitted to having the Russian news channel on as I write my posts. For the last week I've been wondering why a cleaning product is called 'Spanish Gold'. But I finally looked at the ad yesterday and saw it's really 'Vanish Gold'. Talking of strange pronunciation, check out the female voiceover on EuroNews. She has a bizarre view of the stressses in English sentences. EuroNews today reports the arrest of a woman for selling Ukrainian propaganda and of inciting racial hatred there. Moscow is an expert on this, of course. BTW: This item didn't figure on RT News this morning. 

FINALLY  . . . PONTEVEDRA TRAIN STATION: Below is a diagram showing the odd platform numbering I've cited. Also see the new route to the platforms, which takes you past the X-ray machine. Assuming it's operating. But this can easily be avoided by gliding past someone who's exiting. By the way, a sign above this door reads NO PASAR. Someone has decided this is best translated as NO TRESPASSING.

I have no idea why the diagram is upside down. If it is.

FINALLY, FINALLY : . . . Dog and cat owners in Galicia will be pleased to know of a fine new kennels set up recently by the daughter of an English friend - CENTRO KENNELS. Click here for full info.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

In fact, there are now rumors of the Pujol family having transferred 900 million euros (say: nine hundred) to Belize…

I didn't know there was that much money in the entire European Union. But what do I know?


Q10 said...

Nice to see you back again Alfie.

Suggestion for “Granualtion” (grăn′yə-lā′shən)

Noun 1 – The act or process of selling your granny - To improve your career/contacts or overseas bank account.

Noun 2 – Ditto but in order to delay the publication of very important inquiry that may reflect badly on what's left of one's reputation.

Noun 3 – Ditto in order to maintain ones hubris for just one more day.

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