Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Fiesta Nacional: That basilica: & Columbus.

Monday was a national holiday in Spain - the Fiesta Nacional. I've always thought this was the term used for bullfighting but it seems it also refers to this annual holiday in honour of the Spanish state. Confusing. Unless you think they are the same thing.

There was a 2nd tombstone displaying fresh flowers in the basilica I wrote about yesterday. As it only displayed forenames, I didn't realise it was of an earlier dictator, so I failed to walk over it. BTW - The restaurant is called Viva Galicia. And I should also add there was a baby changing table in the Gents. Nonetheless, my view remains that the whole place - and the huge cross above it - should be blown to smithereens. The fact that this isn't under discussion here says a lot about Spain and the people who run it. Not to mention the residual power of the  (moribund) Catholic Church. Which retains quite a grip on education. Or indoctrination, as many of us prefer to see it.

Finally . . . October 12 was Columbus Day in the USA. Somebody asked whether this meant she could go into any shop she liked and claim ownership of everything.

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