Saturday, November 07, 2015

Politics; TV; English classes; & Instagram

POLITICS: With the wit for which he is rightfully unfamous, President Rajoy has assured those of us who are allowed to vote that his PP party might not be 'lucido' but is certainly 'lucido-with-accent-on-the-u'. Not magnificent but lucid. How we laughed.

TV: With my magnificent 3 megas of WiFi I can now watch this via the internet. And so have been reminded of just how bad it can be here. Yesterday I caught a version of the UK program 'Loose Women'. Where a panel of 4 or 5 ladies discuss the (often salacious) issues of the day. The big difference, of course, is that here they all shout their views. Simultaneously. As if it were a ladies' lunch in a tapas bar.

ENGLISH CLASSES: I occasionally agree to giving these to my neighbours, FOC - that big heart again. Currently I'm helping the lovely Ester. I think she enjoys the classes and I certainly laugh a lot. Yesterday she almost arrived on time and boasted this was prompter than ever. I said it was less late.

FINALLY . . . INSTAGRAM: On a whim, I joined this and all hell broke loose, with names and fotos flying in all directions. I asked my elder daughter if she was on it and her answer was a scathing NO! When she accused me of acting like a teenager, I warned her this was nothing to how I'd be in my 7th age.

Note: Here's info on the Lobkowicz family. They've certainly been around long enough to develop their exquisite manners.

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Clang go the gates. Inte längre var välkommen i Sverige

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