Friday, December 11, 2015

Sp. Corruption; The US Elections; An English Query; RT TV again; & A Tony Blair confession.

1. See The Local's comment on the impact of this very topical subject.
2. Judge Baltasar Garzón:- In practice, assigning and expanding responsibility for urban development to town halls – under Aznar's Law 6/1998 – actually contributed to the extension of corruption as regards urban planning. This, sad to say, was the exact opposite of the law's purpose. But rather predictable.

THE US ELECTIONS: Is it really possible that someone with an orange face and a ridiculous comb-over could become president of the USA? His views are bad enough but these aspects are far worse. A global laughing stock as the most powerful man in the world?? Or will this be the terrifying, but unamusing, Hilary Clinton? As ever, a choice of evils.

AN ENGLISH QUERY: Do Americans really say treaded instead of trod, as I heard a reporter say yesterday?: I treaded water for a while.
RT TV AGAIN: One of the more amusing aspects of their approach is how the presenters react should the conversation ever look like being critical of Russia. As I may have said, the usual tactic is to cut the interviewee off at the knees. Yesterday, an impressive guy from SOAS in London disagreed with the presenter several times on the subject of Syria, telling her once or twice she was just plain wrong. Eventually she could take no more of this and treated him, with some contempt, to this insult: “ You are being very charitable in describing yourself as objective'. The interview then promptly finished and I doubt the professor will be invited back. Much better to have Egregious Gorgeous George Galloway in the other chair, I guess.

FINALLY . . . TONY BLAIR: I was amused to hear this comment yesterday, from someone who used to work with him in No. 10: The only time I ever heard Tony Blair admit he'd been wrong was when he once said he should have listened earlier to his own counsel.

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Maria said...

Yes, Americans use "treaded" instead of "trod". We also use "gotten" instead of "got", such as "the food's gotten cold".

Colin Davies said...

Many thanks, Maria. I knew about 'gotten', of course. You hear it often.

'Treaded' then must be the 16th/17th century version, like gotten. Middle English???

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