Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sp. Politics; Sp. Internet searches; Bullfighting; Sp.'s labour market; & Expat happiness.

  1. This is an excellent summary of the parties fighting the Dec. 20 election, and their main policies. If, like me, you're a foreigner, it'll be of only academic interest as you're not allowed to vote. But it's still useful. I see that none of them is planning to do anything about the excessive number of administrative levels that contributes so much to confusion, costs and corruption here. And none of them is questioning Spain's membership of the EU.
  2. A new low was reached yesterday evening, when President Rajoy – ambling around his hometown of Pontevedra(!) - was given an impressive left hook by a local youth whose since had various deficiencies attributed to him. Even worse, some of those who witnessed it applauded the aggression. The shame of it! He was described on TV an 'ooligan, which had me wondering whether he was British. This being the nationality most associated with this word here.
INTERNET SEARCHES: Google says these have been the most frequent here during 2015. Nos. 1 and 3 are reality shows and No. 2 is the execrable international singing competition, I guess:
  1. Gran Hermano 16
  2. Eurovisión
  3. Supervivientes
  4. Elecciones
  5. La Voz
  6. París
  7. Charlie Hebdo
  8. Eurobasket
  9. Jurassic World
  10. Elecciones Municipales
THE BULLS: Everyone knows by now that this is very much a minority interest in Spain, and one most young people would like to see banned. So a strong rearguard action is being fought by the beleaguered people whose income depends on it. One element of this is a petition to Brussels that the 'art form' be given Unesco protection by including it on the list of Spain's Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding. These are things which provide living communities with a sense of continuity in relation to previous generations and are of crucial importance to identity. While a decision on this is awaited, demands are growing in Spain for at least an end to the EU and Spanish subsidies that keep the bullfighting 'community' in business. And a biscuit maker has, for one of its products, dropped the name of the city – Torre de la Vega – associated with the annual stabbing and lancing of an angry bull let loose there. Which, unfairly, never really gets the chance to gore anyone on its way to a slow death.

SPAIN'S LABOUR MARKET: Reader Sierra has kindly pointed out that there are 3 levels to this, not just 2. The third, of course, is the 'submerged economy' as it's called here. Maybe 25% of GDP say some. Wages in cash and no contributions to the social security system. 

FINALLY . . . EXPAT HAPPINESS: Would you credit it ? . . . A survey of British expatriates living here has 'revealed' that the key to happiness lies in . . . integrating into the Spanish way of life. Astonishing. Asked to choose the word most appropriate to life here, the Brits came up with Happy. Followed by Relaxed and Content. All retirees, I'd guess. For those in work, it would probably be Frustrating.

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Today's Facebook compulsory foto. In true Spanish fashion, I stress that this can't possibly be offensive, as I don't mean to offend anyone:


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