Saturday, December 05, 2015

The Looming Elections 1, 2 & 3; The Horrendous Modelo 720; & Dixie Dean.

THE LOOMING ELECTIONS 1: Today is the first official day of the campaign. I know this because late last night, I saw a group of men plastering every empty wall with posters of local candidates. These will provide urban decoration for many months of 2016, until the rain finally removes their last shreds. meanwhile, here's a commentary from my blogger colleague, Lenox. Of Business Over Tapas fame.

THE LOOMING ELECTIONS 2: There was a debate the other day between the leaders of the 4 main parties. Or, rather, 3, as the unimpressive, gaffe-prone President Rajoy was represented by an empty lectern. One wag has said that, such was the low quality of the debate - quite an accolade in Spain! - he was the night's victor. More accurately, perhaps a cartoon I saw yesterday lampooned Rajoy's habit of ducking out and leaving his lady Vice-President to take any flak.
President, to lady Vice President: I have an appointment with my urologist on Friday.
Lady Vice President: Would you like me to take it for you?

THE LOOMING ELECTIONS 3: Having done bugger-all about the recently cited dreadful '2-tier' labour market here, the PP party says it'll transform it out of all recognition in 2016. And they'll also be teaching pigs to fly.

TAX. MODELO 720: If you're a foreigner resident in Spain with total assets outside Spain of more than €50,000 - say a house! - you really should know about the 2012 law which brought an obligation to tell the Hacienda that you do. If you haven't submitted details for the years 2012-14, you already owe them at least €4,500 (3 x 1.500). Or, if they find out you haven't obeyed the law, at least €30,000. And, if you miss the March 31 deadline for 2015, you'll owe another €1,500/€10,000. Plus possibly humungous fines way above the value of the assets in question. Leaving you with a considerable negative net worth. This law - designed, under a phoney 'amnesty', to flush out details of the overseas assets of Spaniards who aren't politicians - is so outrageous that Brussels is considering whether it's legal under EU law. This might take some time. Meanwhile, it applies in all its horrendous detail. If you pay a tax adviser and you don't know about this law, sue them for negligence. Or at least get your fees back. And think hard about making a belated submission or four. Being 'voluntary', the treatment accorded by the Hacienda will then be (laughably) 'light'. I did in June and I've already had my first €1,500 fine (for 2012) and now await 2 more. BTW . . In the UK, such fines are c. €135 per year.

FINALLY . . . A TRUE LEGEND: William 'Dixie' Dean is not just a British but a global legend in the world of football. Or 'soccer' to our American cousins. As you can see here, he played for my team, Everton, and left us with one of those records which may never be broken - 60 goals in a single season. I was reminded this morning, by an entry on the Facebook page of my friends, Os Porcos Bravos, that he died in just about the perfect way - watching Everton play Liverpool at at the former's ground, Goodison Park. I guess one day it'll be legal to arrange this for oneself. Hopefully in my deathtime. BTW . . . Like me, Dixie was born in Birkenhead. Another feather in the town's cap.

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Patrick Glenn said...

Probably better for foreigners to live in Spain undocumented. Just don't leave and work for cash. Millions of people do this in countries all over the globe.

Colin Davies said...

Maybe but not always possible, especially if you want to get social security benefits or a job with a decent company at a decent salary.

Traction Man said...

Just keep moving. Never spend more than 90 days in one country then you won't owe tax anywhere.

Colin Davies said...

True but, again, not always that easy, especially if you've emigreted and taken up a job.

Colin Davies said...