Sunday, December 13, 2015

The PP crooks; AGW: Petitions; & A cautionary tale.

THE CORRUPT SPANISH GOVERNMENT: The PP party is in power here, at least until the elections of 20th December. And,sadly probably after as well. It has long stood accused of quite unimaginable level of corruption at national, regional, provincial and local levels. Despilfarro is the Spanish for 'waste' or 'extravagance'. So it was nice to see this clever banner this week: DesPPilfarro.

GLOBAL WARMING: Well, well, well – a 'successful' conference of the folk who are sure this is man-made. Which it might be, of course. It's just that not everyone is convinced that it isn't natural and that the astronomical cost is really justifiable. Christopher Booking is, of course, a sceptic and here's his comment this morning. I think it's true to say that: The scarcely noticed elephant in the room in Paris is that, whatever clever words are devised to hide the reality of what emerges from this conference, there is no way the world as a whole is going to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. As for my own cynicism, I reckon the people happiest about the USD100 billion anual transfers to the Third World will be the Swiss bankers.

ON-LINE PETITIONS: Talking about cynicism . . . Are you as fed up of the plague of these as I am? Sign one and you'll never hear the last of the promoters. Happily, I used a separate email address. It seems that today's young people are terribly easily hurt and angered – perhaps because they're the second generation never to live through war and are too far away from the tough lives of their grandparents to have any empathy for the view that theree are things far more important than their knee-jerk reactions to the slightest slight. Here's a bit of the estimable Rod Liddle on this subject: It is not enough for these jabbering maniacs to demand “safe spaces” in universities, where they can be hygienically insulated from views that might diverge from their own. Now it’s the whole country designated a “safe space”, a place of unquestioning political conformity. The “ban Donald” petition quickly garnered 500,000 names — about the same number as a petition to stop more migrants coming to the UK, which was more or less the point Trump had been making. One of these two petitions got a lot of coverage from the BBC and The Guardian. The other was not mentioned by them at all. Can you guess which was which? Go on, take a wild guess. Yes, you got it right. How did you know? But what can you expect from a leftie who's gone sour?

FINALLY: BECOMING THE SHIT OF A CROC: Here's the heart-rending story of a burglar who tried to jump the shark. But ended up in the jaws of something else. As Oscar said, you'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

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