Sunday, January 17, 2016

More Thoughts from the UK

Bowie mania: Is it safe to admit the only performance I recall is that of him and Jagger doing a not-very-good, gay version of Dancing in the Street? Or will I be hung, drawn and quartered by the Twitter mob of imbeciles with voices?

Pedophilia: I've said a few times that there's media mania around this in the UK, like there is around gender violence in Spain. Which is not to say either of them is defensible, of course. Here's an article on the former from today's Daily Telegraph.

Galicia: Here's a nice video about this region of Spain, the one in which I live. Sadly, it's in Gallego/Galego. So even the Spanish speakers among you may not be able to understand it all. Or any of it, in fact. If you could, there'd be no point in learning both languages, would there?

The estimable Rod Liddle – an obstreperous chap, if ever there were one – has this to say today about the International Athletics Association, FIFA and the International Olympics Committee:- Appointing allegedly corrupt and greedy Third Worlders on the make is an expression of our noble determination, in the developed world, to democratise sport and ensure places like Africa don’t feel horribly left out. Look at Fifa, football’s governing body — loads of them, charged with trousering as much cash as they can get their grubby little hands on. Regarding the Olympics, it’s your call as to whether corrupt Third Worlders are better or worse than the people whitey used to put in charge; the IAAF and International Olympics Committee have been led by unrepentant fascists, Nazi collaborationists, Francoist panjandrums and the like. So, your call.

On the new UK media obsession with transgender issues, Rod has this to say:- According to Maria Miller MP, chairbabe of the Commons select committee on virtue-signalling idiocies (or women and equalities, I forget which), 600,000 people are in some way unsure of their gender. I am not sure if this hilariously inflated number includes morbidly obese citizens who have not seen their own genitals for years and may have forgotten what type they had. My own guess at the number of genuinely gender-confused people in the UK is 20. But soon there will be transgender lavatories on every high street to cater for this small proportion of our population. Can he be far wrong?

Finally . . . Spanish Taxes: 1. Ten key facts on Spanish tax residency status and Paying your taxes in Spain, from from Antonio Flores at The Olive Press. The second one addresses the infamous Modelo 720, around your overseas assets.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

'...If ever there were one…'????

The Davies Dictionary allows for the use of the subjunctive ????????

Sierra said...

A follow-up to "Spanish taxes" - received a letter from my UK bank on Friday (posted 30th November requesting an answer within 30 days - sent by bulk mail in the run-up to Christmas!!), regarding FATCA - Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This is "designed to tackle perceived tax evasion using offshore accounts. Originally this was a US initiative, but now there are FATCA agreements in place between UK and the US, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar". Be prepared for more paperwork and certified copies.

P.S. Ever helpful, the bank enclosed a pre-paid reply envelope (not valid in Spain), and a helpline 0845 telephone number (also no use in Spain)

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