Monday, February 22, 2016

Just a few fotos from our much delayed pre-Lenten events.

Britain and the EU: All sorts of questions have been raised about this relationship recently but what about this one: Can the EU just eject a member it's got fed up with?

More importantly, here are fotos of Saturday's twice delayed pre-Lenten parade. Not quite Mardi Gras but impressive enough. Plus a foto or two of the immolation of Ravachol last night. Incidentally, the fire brigade is in attendance these days and now even sprays the fire from time to time. This is in sharp contrast to when I first saw the event 15 years ago. When there were no safety precautions at all. Maybe this is because there was a huge fire about 15 metres away only 3 weeks ago . . . 

For some reason, a prostrate Ravachol was seen on his way by singing Roman centurions.

Incidentally, (alleged by Google) readership rose yesterday from a norm of 350-500 to 800. I've no idea why. Wish I did. But I hope some new readers hang around.

Apparently lost but determined to find and castigate her parents

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