Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pensamientos desde Galicia

Spanish Politics: Instead of putting the [issues] to the fore, they have decided to spend their time battling egos rather than winning over hearts and minds. This pathetic squabbling is wasting valuable time. The mud-slinging serves no purpose. Actually, this is not an observation on the current political scene here  - though it could be - but one observer's slightly modified comment on the UK organisations which endorse a Brexit. And here is that excellent article.

Spanish Courts: I'm told I might be called as a witness in a civil case. And it's been stressed I'd have to tell the truth. In contrast to the parties themselves, who'll both do what's expected - and legally permitted? - of them and lie. Leaving the judge to toss a coin. Or to favour the pretty one.

Carnaval: We may have had our own pre-Lent celebrations postponed because of bad weather but in places in Spain where it rains less, they've gone ahead as crazily as ever. Here's The Local with a few examples. They don't include the one that involves chucking a a live turkey off a church tower. Nice to see we have some of the craziest in Galicia.

A Heartwarming Story: A HT to my friend David for this article on a Spanish hero of WW2..

Religious Proscriptions: This is one of the silliest responses I've ever heard. But one which says a lot about the impact of odd religious beliefs. It was in a podcast about British men who've become Muslims:-
Would you have fallen in love with and married him if he'd not been a convert to Islam?
No, he would have been a different man.
Surely, he would have been the same man?
No, he would have been able to drink alcohol and eat pork and these are a complete no-no in Islam.

This is someone's view of the top ten countries for the best looking women, ranked her from 10th  down to 1st :-
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy

  • Venezuela
  • Russia
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Denmark
  • Ucrane

  • Brazil

  • Switzerland
I have to say a list which doesn't include Spain and which puts Switzerland first seems dubious to me.

Finally . . . Facebook: I theorised that, if I kept telling FB who and what I didn't want to link to, they'd eventually stop repeatedly suggesting them. Especially as they kept thanking me for helping them tailor their stuff to my (undeclared) interests. This has proven to be useless as it makes not a jot of difference to their practices. And so I've now reverted to ignoring everything. Unless it comes with a foto of a beautiful woman, of course. I say 'undeclared' but they do, of course, get a mountain of info from my posts, my blog and my emails. Or, rather, their dumb computers do. On which they then make stupid proposals. Unless, as I said,  . . . . . .

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