Sunday, February 07, 2016

Various Sunday thoughts.

A Spanish Banking ShockThe Supreme Court has ruled that Bankia must refund two retail investors for intentionally misleading them over the state of its finances in the IPO brochure. The floodgates are now wide open for thousands of fresh new claims. As you'll recall, this is one of the 4 huge challenges to Spanish banks identified by Don Quijoñes.

Gender Identity: Things have now reached this pass:-
Cisgendered: Per the OED, this is: The opposite of transgendered, someone who is cisgendered has a gender identity that agrees with their societally recognised sex. In other words, 'normal'.
Mx: A gender-neutral prefix intended for people who don’t identify as Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Miss. Or, as the OED now puts it:- Mx (noun): a title used before a person’s surname or full name by those who wish to avoid specifying their gender or by those who prefer not to identify themselves as male or female.
Oh, happy days! Can we now look forward to our (predicted) talking pets demanding this treatment?

Constructive Detention: This seems to be a new doctrine. Viz. If, of your own accord, you flee from someone/something (including the rule of law) and lock yourself in a foreign embassy, you are illegally constructively detained and must be compensated for this by who or what you have fled from.The mind does tend to boggle at the questions this raises. Perhaps it only applies in cases where the UN panel sees political machinations behind due process. In which case, they should say so.

The EU: Some nice stuff for those interested in this fine, but troubled, institution:-
Do I detect a growing view that, whether the UK leaves it or not, the EU will be dead within 10-15 years, under what I've always called the weight of its internal incongruities? Possibly earlier if the Brexit does happen.

Finally . . . After reading all that, you'll need a dose of the late George Carlin's humour. Here he is on the the people who should be slaughtered. I couldn't fault him.

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