Saturday, March 05, 2016

As it says on the can.

Sensitive Cops: The Spanish police were notoriously susceptible to slights under the Franco regime. And last year's Gag Law has allowed them to return to this unhappy state. It's costly now in Spain to insult a policeman and, perhaps not surprisingly, the guardians of the law see this everyhow and everywhere. They've managed an average of 30 denuncias a day since the law came into force, based on citizen 'disrespect' towards them. For example, by posting a foto of a police car parked on a zebra crossing. The average fine for stepping out of line was €145, with a minimum of €100. Que va!

Spanish TV: The Local says that watching this is one of several top tips for improving your Spanish. Only, I'd say, if your standards are incredibly low.

Spain's Ethnic Minorities: Despite Spain being a very welcoming place, these are said to be unrepresented in politics here. In fact, Spain trails the rest of Europe on this. I suspect that even caucasian foreign residents won't be terribly surprised to hear this. Especially down in Mojácar, where Lenox insists they're completely ignored, even though they outnumber the locals.

Gibraltar: Never one to be anything other than loud and aggressive, the (acting) Spanish Foreign Minister – Motor Mouth Margallo - has said that if a Brexit happens, We will be talking about Gibraltar the very next day. Well, hopefully he won't, as his PP party will be out of power.

Modest Fashion: If you're a Muslim female, you'll know what this is. And possibly if you're Jewish or Christian. Or merely 'spiritual', whatever that means. For the rest of us, here's the Wiki definition: Fashion in line with Islamic principles. This is said to be rich, varied, elegant and refined. And to mean loose clothing, comfortable dressing and covering of the body. Needless to say, the big fashion houses have caught up with this rapidly growing global segment of their market. Fascinatingly, Muslim women don't see this fashion as antipathetic to glamour. A phrase they like is: God is beauty and loves beautiful things. Two things immediately occurred to me: 1. I've been dressing in accordance with modest fashion for a long time, and 2. I don't recall seeing any beautiful (all black) chadors when I lived in Iran. But, then, this was when there was a degree of choice and only working class women wore them, under the thumb of their fathers and husbands, not the mullahs who now run the state. Things, they say, are now rather different in the rich barrios of Tehran and elsewhere. I look forward to checking this out in the next year or so.

Finally . . . . Mothers' Day: Or Mothering Sunday as we used to call it in the UK. I hear this falls tomorrow in Britain, though not here. So, a nice quote from Rudyard Kipling, seen this morning: God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.


This may or may not be the best way for you to transfer money out of Spain.

The obligatory FB foto(s): My 'sharper than a dragon's tooth' elder daughter, Faye - indulging her love of reading under a palm tree. In her father's sox.

And also here . . . Possibly soxless.

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Sox could not be everywhere, therefore God created Dads.

Colin Davies said...

Wish I'd said that . . .

Traction Man said...

You will, Colin... You will.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Oscar.

paideleo said...

Encántanme as mulleres lendo...anque leven calcetíns de home postos.

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