Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The usual

Spanish Snippets:
  • All is not well in the USA for Europe's biggest bank, Santander. Hubris?
  • It must be Easter; the French air-traffic controllers are on strike, hitting flights into and out of Spain.
  • Details of the finale of Las Fallas down in Valencia.
  • Interesting to see that Ian Duncan Smith – a eurosceptic in English – becomes un eurofobo in Spanish.
Local Snippets:
  • Searching for a shop selling walking gear in Ponters, I discovered that Bolboreta is a gay bar. Didn't know and have never been there, though I walk past it every day.
  • Galicia is famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for its feismo, Or 'ugliness'. This relates to both finished and, especially, unfinished buildings which are blots on the landscape. But now we have a new Lei de Solo/Suelo. A Soil/Land law. This compels owners to complete the construction of buildings. Which could well be an improvement in at least some cases.
  • Click here for my review of the Meigas Fora tapas bar and restaurant in Ponters.
Ignorant American Views of 'Socialist' Europe: HT to my friend Dwight for this nice article.

Finally . . . Outrageous Christianity: A while ago, I watched – with jaw agape – an ad for The Financial Freedom Bible. This involved two shysters using phrases which included the following:-
  • Breaking news
  • I am appointed by God to tell you . . .
  • There's an anointing falling on me now
  • Jesus broke the back of poverty at Calvary
  • You don't have to live under the Babylonian system
  • Satan has attacked you and your family
  • You have lost much but will gain total restoration of all you have lost
  • Believe in the prophet [Not Mohammed] and you shall recover what you have lost
  • Your financial harvest is coming
  • There are 1,189 chapters in the bible and each of them has a financial message, if you know how to read them.
  • The prosperity profile of Abraham
  • We will give you financial deliverance
  • 112 dollars is the seed for your harvest
  • Real estate miracle
  • There will be a wave of miracles in your life if you call and place the 112 dollars 
  • The number on your screen is your deliverance number.
I watched with mounting anger, as the ad was clearly aimed at poor people of colour, as I think we have to say for the moment. I've no doubt that the 112 dollars is for the first of several volumes. I know you have to be rather credulous to be a Christian but this is clearly taking things too far. You can see a presentation by the main crook – Morris Cerullo - here. A man who's doubtless made his own pile. BTW . . . Don't you just love the dyed hair. You'd think he could afford a better hairdresser.


If you're really interested in the view of the all pro-Brexit bloggers – i.e. Los eurofobos – click here.

Another reprise  . . .


El Pollas said...

un nuevo récord.
Llevas una semana sin censurar a nadie
Butterfly, gran nombre para un bar

Alfred B. Mittington said...

Lo siento, Gran Pollas: Colin ha censurado a mi varias veces esta semana. Pero admito: no es nada excesivo!


Colin Davies said...

@ El Polla. Lo siento. Pero, en mi defensa, no fue por propósito!

Lenox said...

Yes - bolboreta es una mariposa...

Colin Davies said...

Certainly in gallego but Google doesn't recognise it in castellano. And in Andaluz or Valenciano??

Eamon said...

How about mari con gafas?