Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ponter Pensées 12.4.16

Spain's Clock: It might well turn out to be a false dawn but there's been spate of articles about
refurbished proposals to:-
  • Move Spain back to the UK-Portugal time zone, and
  • Shift the dreadful Spanish working timetable to the model of the rest of Europe. Meaning work for most will stop at 6pm and prime-time TV programs will move back to as early as 10 or 11pm. 
Time will tell, of course. But with no government currently in power, the proposals are obviously going nowhere right now.

Spanish Embassies: I recently cited the daft things raised with British consuls in Spain. Here's a list of odd calls to the Spanish embassy in Prague.

A Bum Steer?: Uncomfortable viewing. Though some non-aficionados will enjoy it.

“The Envy of the World?: This is the UK's NHS, of course. As perceived by most Brits. And all (lying) Brit politicians. But is it really? Recent reports:-
  • Thousands of patients are dying because the NHS cuts corners on operations for the critically ill. Life-or-death surgery is not taken as seriously as routine operations in a system with illogical targets.
  • The NHS is spending millions each year on remedies that are easily available over the counter. Doctors give out hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for common healthcare products such as Vaseline, Rennie, Strepsils and Benadryl.
English Words: Did you know brusk is an acceptable alternative spelling for brusque? I didn't. OK, but where will this end?? Possibly in acceptance of all the errors that appear in the once-great newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. Which obviously can't afford sub-editors these days.

Ponters Beggars:
  1. The only one I regularly give to is a bent old man who walks the old quarter all day, with a small dog on a lead. But last week a friend noted he'd had 3 different puppies in 3 weeks. So, on Monday I commented on his latest and jocularly asked if he had a puppy factory. He didn't look too pleased and yesterday he was sans puppy. So now I'm wondering.
  2. We have a new one. This chap, who appeared yesterday. Complete with a shrub around his neck. No explanation given. Or even imaginable, I guess.

Finally . . . What is a Religion?: All theists seem to think their version of the absolute truth is the only credible one and that it merits respect and even protection. And some theists even believe in killing those who don't agree with them. So, what is a 'religion' and do they all merit what they demand? Well, possibly not Satanism, if you're a theist. But, if you're an atheist, you couldn't care less. Here's a BBC investigation into another 'religion' that might not deserve respect – Dinkoism. Looks good to me. Go Dinkan! I'm thinking of becoming a priest. If they have them.

And on this theme . . . .

Incidentally . . . I've lost about 14 Followers in recent weeks. I can't help wondering if these are disaffected theists, who don't like my gentle mockery of their genuinely-held beliefs. All I can say is that some of my very best friends - and some of my relatives - are committed theists. And they still love me. Honest. Well, I can't imagine they're lying when they tell me they do . . .


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Philosophically speaking, a 'Theist', my dear confused writer, is something quite different from 'anybody who holds a religious system in which there is a God' (the sense in which you use it. If you really wish to make a serious point, you ought to get your terminology straight.


Colin Davies said...

1. WTF are you moaning about now?
Theist: One who believes in the existence of a god, goddess, gods and/or goddesses.
2. Since when have I been serious about anything?

Do, please, enlighten us mere mortals.

Colin Davies said...

Or 'we mortals', if you prefer. One never knows with you.

Eamon said...

"...are committed theists. And they still love me." Also don't forget some are on their knees nightly praying for you.

Colin Davies said...

No, Eamon, I never do. And am grateful, of course.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

I do not enjoy this, and were there a way to avoid it I certainly would, but Noblesse Oblige and I must admit to being in the wrong. In my morning hurry, I supposed that you confused Theism with Deism. You did not. I did. Even Homer nods from time to time…

Oh, and I DO prefer 'Us' if the pronoun is the object of the verb.


Colin Davies said...

Thank-you for being gracious, Alfie. And to think they said it would never happen!

Bill said...

I'm not "nost Brits" (oh, how I loathe that characterisation!) of course, but another of the things I loathe about the UK is the lazy repetition of the enormously inaccurate catchphrase “The Envy of the World?" - having spent much of my adult life outside the UK in various countries I know just how mendacious this is, on many different levels. A plague on this outdated smugness. A lot of countries have worse healthcare systems than the UK of course, but many others have much better healthcare systems; my estimation is that the NHS is, at best, just about average when compared with healthcare systems across the world.

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