Friday, April 29, 2016

Primitivo Fotos

These are my fotos from this week's camino . . .

Bits of Oviedo, city of statues and steps:

The only person I can recall seeing in Spain reading a book in public . . .

 Early stages of the Primitivo

The fotos of the slopes don't do justice to their gradients, believe me!

Look closely between the houses - It's an autovia, not the AVE I first
 thought it was.

Disappearing friends . . . 

Disappearing friends again . . .

Salas church

Hotel in Salas. Old castle tower
Odd pilgrims in Salas

The hotel again 

Fortunately, the camino went downwards this time. 
Notice the WC on the outskirts of this village 

To the left, ORDIAL. To the right, ORDEAL. 
Yet another bloody muddy path. Going upwards.
The town hall in Tineo.

 These 2 are of simple game of bowls. Cheap to set up. Unless you play it on the edge of a ravine and so have to erect a huge fence so as not to lose your balls . . .

 Excellent pastries in Grandas de Salime.

The next 6 were taken in the excellent ethnographic museum in Grandas de Salime

And these were all taken in Grandas de Salime, before I got the bus back to Oviedo, picked up my car and drove home yesterday.

 These were taken from a (moving) bus, early in the morning. They are lower down the mountains. ´Flatlands' in Asturian terms . . .

This last one is in the centre of Oviedo.

I can't add captions for some reason. The 2 ladies in green are the angels (and my lovely new friends) who saved my life in Campiello. After I'd walked 5km at 5kph and then the last km uphill at about 1kph. The mayor is at the bar . . . He's the only other person who lives in Campiello . . . 

Coming soon: The fotos of  one of the other members of the group, who all went faster and further than me . . .

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