Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ponters Pensées 10.5.16

Google's Overview of Europe: This is based on searches, they say.

Google's view of Spain: The most popular searches suggest these are the views that foreigners (and Spaniards) have of this county. If you haven't got the time or inclination to see it all, here's a couple of The Local's comments:-
  • They’re corrupt: With so many scandals sweeping Spain, this search isn’t surprising. But the answer is far from clear. Is it something cultural, an extension of the idea of ‘enchufe’, or ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’? Or perhaps Spain’s corruption has something to do with a lack of institutional transparency, or with the tendency to make hay while the sun shines?
  • They’re lazy: Yes, the old stereotype of Spaniards taking siestas and not liking work is one of the main questions English-language users ask Google. Is there scientific proof? Not really. Some experts would say people from warmer climates have more of a carpe diem attitude towards life and that Spain turned to hedonism after the end of its dictatorship. But recent studies actually suggest that Spaniards work longer hours than the rest of Europeans. Longer doesn't always mean harder, of course.
If you think attitudes towards the Spanish are unfairly negative, take a look at those for the French . . 

RT News Latest Laugh: Millions of Russians died during WW2 for the sake of peace and freedom. Yes, well. The survivors didn't get much of the latter, did they? 
Sky reporter: So, what do you predict going forwards?
CEO of EasyJet: I wish I could predict going forwards.

The USA and God: Can anyone really believe the losing contenders in the Republican presidential race think that it was part of God's plans for them to fail? Depressingly, I think we all can. Astonishing.

Facebook: Last time I moaned, I couldn't recall their latest irritation. I now know this making you a follower of something you've no interest in. For me this morning it was Grammarly.

Finally . . . . Panama Hats: Last week I bought a replacement for the one I lost last summer and which was never returned to me, despite my details being inside. It was only €45 against 65 quid, as I recall, from the M&S in the UK. Yesterday, I duly left it behind as I moved from table to table - not begging - in my regular midday bar. Happily, kind Spaniards returned it to me on each occasion. Presumably we had the vital personal connection that changes ethical values simply by being customers in the same place.

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