Friday, May 27, 2016

Ponters Pensées 27.5.16

Spanish (non)Government: The writer of this article suspects the current uncertainty is here to stay for some time. Probably with due cause.

Spanish Government: There are 4 administrative layers here - national, regional, provincial and municipal. This naturally increases complexity, costs, inefficiency and - above all corruption. In comparison, the UK has 3 – national, county and municipal. But above all these is, of course, the EU and its overarching bureaucracy and parliament of unknown gravey-trainers. It's said to be felt in Brussels that the UK will need to lose one of its 3, the obvious candidate being the national government at Westminster. So . . . Does Spain have 2 superfluous layers? If so, which is the second one? For me, it would have to be the provincial one and its millionaire presidents.

Spanish Politicians: Is there an analogy between their (nil to short) prison sentences and the Catholic institution of Confession, which only ever involves the mere parrot-like repetition of short prayers? I'd say Yes, if the former involved any sort of admission of guilt plus a sincere 'Act of Contrition'. I smile just thinking of that (im)possibility.

Francoism: It's taking a while but Spain is gradually getting shot of the vestiges of this. That said, there are at least 2 escudos on Pontevedra walls with Francoist elements. This is possibly one of them:

But, anyway, the Catalan town of Tortosa has decided - forty years after the dictator’s death - to strip Franco of his honorary mayorship. He must be revolving in his grave. Unless he's been burnt to a crisp.

Pontevedra Cyclists: So few of these actually use the road that I regularly feel like stepping off the pavement/sidewalk to give them a medal. Except for the gypsies who ride home from the city at night without so much as a reflector. Members of the 3 or 4 police forces do nothing about any of this, of course. They prefer to pursue easy-to-fine motorists who are 'distracting themselves' from driving properly. Possibly by blinking from time to time.

Poio Wifi: After 15 years of 0.5megas('Up to 6megas') and 1 year of 0.5-2.0megas ('Up to 3megas'), I now have cable-supplied capacity of 'Up to 30megas. Or, in practice, a pathetic 2.5megas at 7 this morning. By 8, this had risen to a magnificent 2.8 megas. Is every one of my neighbours (illegally) downloading a film overnight? Or does nothing improve until someone at Telefónica gets to the office? Around 10am. I'll let you know.

Pontevedra Customer Service: Changing back to Telefónica for both my fixed line and mobile phone naturally took 4 trips to the (franchise) shop. The last centred on my question: Why has my fixed line number been changed? The answer was that this was necessary and unavoidable. To which I replied that it obviously wasn't for the neighbours on both sides of me. Cue the first (laughable) lie that came into the young woman's head. Which is when I realised it wasn't worth pursuing further, especially as I get very few calls.

Finally . . . Spain's Queen. The lovely Letizia is widely felt to be a sufferer from anorexia. But she looks positively fat against recent fotos of the once-very-beautiful Angelina Jolie. Sad. For all sufferers, of course.

Technical Note: Google Stats tells me there where was a record number of page views yesterday – at 1,525. But Google Analytics offers me an analysis of a much smaller number. Can anyone account for this difference, assuming it's not just a reflection of hundreds of bots 'viewing' my page? Incidentally, most of the Google Stats readers come from Russia(43%), followed by the USA(28%). Odd. Perhaps the Kremlin regard me as important enough to track. Perhaps I'll appear on RT News one of these days . . . .


Alfred B. Mittington said...

It is surely due to my ignorance and bad eyes, but what, pray tell, are the 'Francoist elements' in that escudo?? It would help if you could specify. And then explain how come a 18th C escudo carries elements of a 20th C ideology….


Colin Davies said...

That's why I said 'possibly', arsehole. Pray tell, what is your source of the conviction that it's 18th century.

Colin Davies said...

Not that you merit this but my intention is to check the one I know is Francoist in town, photograph it and replace the one that I posted a short while ago. I thought I already had it, showing the fasces but it seems not.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

Thank you, my dear friend, for your elucidation. I am looking forward to the genuine Francoist blazon. Might it be from the House of Fenosa (don't laugh: the owner of the electricity company was indeed raised into the nobility as the Duque de Fenosa…)?

As for my '18th C' it is a mere guess. A number of these escudos are indeed older; but many of them are quite recent, made to look older as ancientness of the noble line was of grand importance to prestige and precedence.


Eamon said...

There are plenty of residential buildings here in my barrio with a sign above the portal. "Ministerio de la vivienda, instituto nacional de la vivienda. Edificio construido al amparo del regimen de viviendas de proteccion oficial."

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