Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Ponters Pensées 4.5.16

The Spanish Sustainable Energy Industry: Does anyone have a handle on what's happening here? Subsidies were withdrawn a while ago and it became conventional wisdom that having private panels was now illegal. Well, not so: the situation is that you can have panels – assuming you get the inevitable licence – but you'll be hit with massive penalties if you then want to join the national energy grid as a back-up. That said, most private panels are said to be unlicensed and, thus, illegal. As for the industry at large, it's been in a parlous state since subsidies were removed overnight but see here for a report that overseas investors see a nice future and are now piling into the industry. And here's Don Quijones on the subject. Plus a bit from The Guardian.

The Colour Yellow: Is there any country in the world, other than Spain, where this is associated with the souped-up cars of aggressive young drivers?

Politicians: Can they ever speak honestly? Senator Cruz, ending his presidency campaign, announces that he's 'suspending' it. Who does he think he's kidding?

The Eurovision Song Contest: Spanish fans are thrilled that their entry – see yesterday's post – is featured in the BBC's promotional video for this annual jamboree of crap music. Now in several preliminary rounds before the big night. Oh, how Terry Wogan is missed for this. Anyway, the Spanish are now looking for 12 points from the UK. Who do they think they're kidding?

Which reminds me . . .

Spanish Pop Music: La Oreja de Van Gogh is a group I liked when I first came here but they seemed – along with others – to lose out to the generation of warblers thrust on us by programs such as Operación Triunfo(?) aimed at finding new solo performers. Anyway, here, here and here are examples of their output. I believe the female lead singer was changed a few years ago but the sound remains much the same. To me, anyway.

Successful Prayer: Here's the key to this. Albeit from a cynic.

Finally . . . A funny TV scene: I was almost in tears yesterday morning at this scene from an American sitcom series, Everyone Loves Raymond. It's between a husband and a wife who love each other but, stimulated by an argument over the bathroom, start to tell each other about the little things which annoy them. It's remarkably witty and well-acted. And, above all, accurate. With a nice denouement. Enjoy! If you're short on time, go to the funniest bit at minute 3.49.

The sun rising over Ponters this morning. The white dot is actually a moon quarter. Waxing or waning, I'm never sure.

Tineo town hall, as surrealised by Google Photos


Sierra said...

Obviously you are not sympathetic to the view of the Swedish producer:

Colin Davies said...

I heard tell of that imbecile but never read his fatuous comments . . .

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