Sunday, May 08, 2016

Ponters Pensées 8.5.16

The Imminent Elections and Gibraltar: Only last week, I opined to a friend that – ahead of the vote in June  – we could expect several incidents drummed up by the Spanish Foreign Secretary, under the aegis of Motormouth Margallo and his Merry Men. Plus belligerent statements from the man himself. The first of these incidents duly arrived a couple of days ago, when a Guardia Civil launch harassed a US ship in waters claimed by Gibraltar. I guess the next 'spontaneous' incident is already mapped out in the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

Spain and The EU: Another of my recent forecasts – here in this blog – was that the EU Commission wouldn't hit Spain with the huge fine it merits after missing its deficit target for several years. And possibly for lying about its economic performance. Here's an article from Reuters which strengthens my conviction. Even if a fine is imposed, the amount won't be stated and it'll all be 'symbolic'. It might even be – wait for it – zero percent of Spain's GDP. Hey ho. Needless to say, Brussels and Madrid don't share expectations about how the deficit will go in the future.

Russia's RT News Channel: Something very unusual happened this morning. Taking time off from their regular onslaughts on the USA and Turkey, the 'reporters' talked about an event back home in Moscow - the celebration of Russia's victory in the Second World War. This, we were told, is being celebrated by many thousands around the world. Though not in Pontevedra, I'm sure. Or even Madrid, I'd guess.

Finally . . . There's an octopus with abilities beyond the normal. It can form itself into the shape, colour and even texture of other creatures. Click here for one of the several videos available.


If you'll be doing El Primitivo this year, it behoves you to read not only my posts between and 26 April and 3 May but also to note this news.:- In Grandas de Salime until recently, there used to be a couple of 'rural apartments', under the name of Casa Sánchez

If you look at the fotos in my blog of 29 April, you'll see the large gardens around the place(53-56), which produce 20 tons of apples a year. I learnt this from the owner, Ricardo, who's now converting Casa Sánchez into an upmarket albergue for 'pilgrims' of all sorts. Recognising that the Camino is also a de facto matchmaking service, Ricardo told me there'll even be a dedicated Romantic Room. Though I'm not sure what will make it so. Perhaps the availability of only a double bed. And some candles. He didn't talk of mirrors. Anyway, this should all be ready quite soon for those who want to stop a night in Grandas de Salime and want something a little better than the town's existing albergue but not as posh/expensive as a hotel. That said, the Hotel Barra is a nice place, at €40 a night, low season


Alfred B. Mittington said...

You cannot possibly expect Pontevedrans, Madrilenians or Spaniards in general to celebrate the Russian victory over Axis forces in the Second World War, given that the Division Azul was fighting on the opposite side !!


Colin Davies said...

I'm just guessing but there might be some Russians in each of these places.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

So what would you like them to do? Hold a parade with the three of them??