Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ponters Pensés 15.5.16

Los Indignados: It's the 5th anniversary of the start of this movement, which brought us a change in Spain's political scenery. Here and here are Guy Hedgecoe and The Local on this. The former quotes an observer who believes that Spain has woken up, that a lot has changed and that “People no longer believe the media’s lies, nor those of politicians': they want another way of doing things”. Well, right now, they're not getting it as we have no government at all. And possibly won't have after the repeat elections in June.

Spain's High Speed Train Expertise: This was supposed to be showcased by the creation of new lines in Saudi Arabia for its millions of annual pilgrims. Alas, it hasn't turned out quite like this. See here for Don Quijones on the subject.

Religions: These all demand universal respect simply because they're, well, religions. Satanism is no exception in this regard, which naturally creates a few problems for their fellow religionists. Here's a nice example of the approach of one Satanic temple in the USA.

Homeopathy: Talking about unfounded beliefs . . . If you think a homeopathic medicine is valid for, say, asthma, maybe you should read this. Or any of the many other reports on the finding of the American Chemical Society that homeopathy is 'bunk'. Mind you, you probably won't change your opinion, given that it wasn't rational in the first place. As with religions.

Finally . . . The Eurovision Song Contest: This annual celebration of raucously poor music and great kitsch almost descended into farce last night, when that famous European country - Australia – led the field until the very last moment. Only to be overtaken by the Ukrainian entry about the Russian expulsion of Tartars from the Crimea after some bizarre public voting. (Just in case you read that wrongly, I should stress this expulsion was during WW2 and not after the bizarre voting). And in case you didn't have the immense pleasure of hearing the winning entry, here it is. It's nicely called either 1944 or They Kill You All. See the end of this post for the lyrics, without the bits in Ukrainian. Needless to say, the Russians aren't very happy about this. Especially as their entry was one of the favourites. Killjoys. Moscow's propaganda channel, RT TV, didn't mention the event in their 9am news headlines. Or in the program that followed. As ever, they went with anti-Turkey allegations. 

My little lemon tree has produced an enormous lemon. Possibly the largest I've ever seen. Here's a foto which tries to put it in perspective.

Ukraine's '1944'

When strangers are coming...
They come to your house,
They kill you all
and say,
We’re not guilty
not guilty.

Where is your mind?
Humanity cries.
You think you are gods.
But everyone dies.
Don't swallow my soul.
Our souls

We could build a future
Where people are free
to live and love.
The happiest time.

Where is your heart?
Humanity rise.
You think you are gods
But everyone dies.
Don't swallow my soul.
Our souls.

NOTE: I promised to send a recent (Dutch?) pilgrim all my fotos of the graffiti around Pontevedra city. Could he or she write to me at, of course, drossbin@gmail.com so that I can send them. And anyone else who's interested in seeing these. 

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