Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Ponters Pensées 1.6.16

Pickpocketing: Sadly, both Barcelona and Madrid figure in TripAdvisor's list of the 10 worst cities in the world for this, with the former grabbing the top slot. As they stress: Whether you're a tourist or a local, it's worth knowing how to keep your belongings safe. So, see here for their tips. As someone who had his laptop nicked in bag at his feet in Madrid, I recommend them. As would my daughter, who's twice had handbags taken from next to her feet in bars. In one case by a child crawling below the tables.

First Holy Communions: Despite the low level of religious observance here, these are still a big thing, more for social/cultural reasons than anything else, I suspect. Spring and early summer is the FHC season here, when ridiculously large sums are spent on outfits for the kids and on gift-rich parties for family and school friends, often in an obliging hotel or restaurant. Anyway, here's a foto of a young British boy at his own FHC, some years ago now. And here's an article from ThinkSpain on the subject.

Finally . . . Favourite Spanish Forenames: In 1930, these were:
  • Manuel
  • José
  • Antonio
  • Francisco
  • Juán
  • María Carmen
  • Carmen
  • María Dolores
  • María Pilar
  • Francisca
In 2014, they were:
  • Martín
  • Matéo
  • Hugo
  • Pablo
  • Daniel
  • Noa
  • Daniela
  • Sara
  • Martina
  • Lucía
Favourite Spanish Pet names: These are:
  • Thor
  • Coco
  • Zeus
  • Rocky
  • Aquiles
  • Kira
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Nala
  • Noa
  • Layka
Imagine a tiny bloody lapdog called Thor.


Patrick Glenn said...

They got my wallet from my front pocket on the metro from Barajas. Another time I stepped out of a hotel and saw a man and a boy separate about a 100 feet away. the youngster asked me directions the the man shooed him away identified himself as a policeman and asked for documents. I managed to shout him away. That was in Madrid. I live in Houston, Tx.USA. I wish it was like Madrid. Here people are allowed to carry concealed guns. Shocking. Last weekend was a holiday weekend in USA. In Chicago 69 people were shot in the 3 day period 6 were fatalities. This was considered an improvement over the same holiday period last year when there were 12 fatalities and 44 shooting victims. Mind you those statistics were from only one city. Gun violence is out of control here. Many support easier access to guns here. You would not want to live here.

Colin Davies said...

Many thanks, Patrick. But worrying. Have always thought my wallet was relatively safe in my front/side pocket. Have had the 'dropped your money' trick played on me on the Madrid metro.Didn't succeed but all they would have got was my library ticket. All the plastic bag snatch in Barcelona. Like wise failed but they'd have got only apples and rubbish! Hae never understood the majority attitude to guns in the USA and have been horrified to see gun sections in department stores.

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