Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Coastal Camino: Day 4

First off, some fotos from day 3, which ended last night in Unquera but started in Comillas. There ain't much to say or show about Unquera. Nothing, in fact. But here are some fotos taken early in the morning in Comillas:-

This is a square now called Plaza de la Constitución but which - when my Rough Guide was published in 1999 - was still called Plaza de Francisco Franco.

This is a hotel in the back streets of the town, dead and boarded up. Ironically, it's called Hotel Paradise.

And now for fotos from Day 4 . . .

If you're reading this because you're planning to do the Coastal Camino, one thing you must take on board is the advice to leave the camino in Pendueles and turn onto the GR-E9 walk. This takes you close to the sea and is truly delightful. In contrast, the official camino takes you to Llanes mostly - if not all the way - along the verge of a highway. After 10 minutes or so on the GR-E9, you hit the sea at La Paz:

But there are still slopes to haul yourself up:

After a while, you reach the bofones, the water spouts which surge from cracks in the rocks when the sea is rough. We didn't actually see any but this is what one would have looked like, if we had. Though without my reflection:

This is a Japanese guy who didn't seem to know what either DANGER or PELIGRO meant and wandered over the area rife with bofones.

A nice fluvial scene:

 A cove not long before Cué and Llanes:

Cué and Llanes, from the track along the side of a long, high hill. Which went up and down rather a lot:

The home stretch, just a few hundred metres short of Cué, and welcomingly cool:

Finally . . . The view from my room in Cué, where we feasted on zamburiñas, mushrooms and cider. After the wine aperititifs, of course:

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