Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ponters Pensées: 14.7.16

It's Thursday, so the usual HTs to Lenox of Business Over Tapas for some of what follows:-

Spain's Youth: Some 1.6m people below the age of 35 are said to have quit the country in search of work elsewhere, primarily in the UK. One consequence, of course, has been to increase the average age of those left behind.

Spain and the EU: Madrid is doing its utmost to avoid even a slap on the wrist for its failure to manage the Spanish economy in accordance with Brussels' (would-be)dictates. The latest tactic is to promise an increase in corporate taxes. Next week it might well be a reduction in these.

Spain and the Brexit: I've mentioned that some at least of the reporting here on the UK is way off beam. Especially those that hark on about Britain's obsession with its imperial history. Transference, I suspect. So, I wasn't too surprised to read in Lenox's Newsletter that, according to an ex British Council official, the British are being portrayed by the Spanish press, as a laughing stock. He adds that: During my 35 years of the Council, Britain may have been disliked but, until now, no one has found us this ridiculous. This is slightly irritating but is only to be expected from a country which is new to democracy and utterly cynical about its own corrupt politicians. With good cause. And it shouldn't be forgotten that Spain has benefitted vastly from joining the EU, and not just in monetary terms. It's beyond Spanish understanding that anyone would want to quit it. After all, it's been free money for 30 years. A common Spanish dream.

A European Passport (EP). For those of us living in Spain - A paragraph from Lenox's newsletter: We Europeans living in another EU country don't have many rights. Maybe even fewer with the UK leaving the European Union. We must have representation in Brussels: an agency and an appropriate number of European MPs to protect our interests and our rights as Europeans. To ensure our protection and our freedom of movement, we also seek to obtain an internal EP. We will talk to both our local politicians and to Brussels. We will not send more empty petitions to London or Madrid. There are 20 million of us. We are The Europats. Write to with your support.

Finally . . .  Many thanks to readers Perry and Kevin for their suggestions about the meaning of the letters on this T-shirt of the other day:-

  1. DuGs
  2. Bra size

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