Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ponters Pensées: 23.7.16

Spanish Developments: The Local tells us that:-
Tourism: As reported, for one reason and another, this is booming like never before. And The Voz de Galicia tells us that hotels here in and near Ponters are full to overflowing next week. But I can offer expensive accommodation for the desperate . . .

Galicia: Negotiations for a valuable air link between Santiago and Tel Aviv have been aborted by Israel after the city council supported an anti-Isreal motion. This is well in keeping with earlier stupid decisions taken by all of the region's small, uncompetitive, eternally-competing airports. Who've all lost out to Oporto's expanding and very successful airport - which cleverly markets itself as The airport for all Galicia.

Galician University Courses: I looked at the data on the various Galician institutions last week, specifically at the marks they demand for their courses in the pre-uni regional/national exam, the Selectividad. Once again, the observations that leap out are that aspiring nurses always need to get very high marks and that aspiring lawyers don't. Indeed, for the 4 nursing courses available for the next academic year, there's a total of 2,200 people on waiting lists, against the approx. 250 places already filled. I wonder if this is replicated in the rest of Spain. Or do we have an endless supply of clever young women who can't find work in any other capacity?

RT TV and Russia: One huge advantage of being merely the propaganda tool of a government is that you never have to apologise or explain. After months of relentless criticism of Turkey, Moscow sees a chance - after the 'coup' - to get one up on the West. And so has now turned 180 degrees and is coseying up to Ankara. With a HT to reader Perry, here's an article on plans for a Eurasian Axis. It's by a Russian conspiracy thinker, by the way. It must be fun being a strategy planner in Moscow these days. Especially with things going so right for the Russian empire and wrong for the American empire. Or The Empire of Chaos, as this blogger calls it here, where he predicts that economic realities will force the inclusion of Germany in the Eurasian Axis. By the way . . . RT TV reached a new nadir the other morning, with the execrable Katie Hopkins shouting at another contributor whom she clearly didn't think had to right to respond to her crap. Despite seeing herself as the champion of free speech.

Enchufes: This is what the Spanish call personal connections. Plug-ins. And I'm pleased to report that I'm only one person away from the new Speaker of the Congress and, thus, only 2 people away from the President. Never mind the rule of 6. Favours, anyone? Reasonable prices.

Finally . . . I am also now a radio star, having done the English bit for a local company advertising costumes for our September Feira Franca, or Medieval Fair. A voice-over career now beckons.


Some friends of mine snapped this chap yesterday. He might look like he's reading a book but he's actually asleep. With his phone and his wallet on the table. A very trusting man. Or an idiot.

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