Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 3.8.16

SIC TRANSIT: At the height of Spain's phony construction boom, the company OHL was flying high and even doing well oversesa. But wings  have now been severely clipped and the company's value has plummeted. Click the link at the end of this post for Don Quijote's scathing report on this.

HOW TO GET ANGRY IN SPAIN: A useful intr to this challenge from The Local.

FINALLY . . . An unsurprising surprise: Much to the annoyance of the residents, the city council is building a new crematorium on the edge of the old quarter, just down from the Parador. Or they were until they discovered some Roman and medieval remains just below the surface. Right next to the last ones they were surprised to find. Where anyone with a brain would expect to find a continuation of the old city walls.

Work has now been suspended until they decide who to annoy next.

I took my guests to my favourite hardware store yesterday. And  here's Luis in Wonderland:-

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Alma Patist said...

The treasured Santiago cross is safe in my bag. He's been looking for a brass support for the brass door hanger. So it's back to hardware shopping. Thanks Colin! And for the beautiful print as well. You'll see it in our house when you come to holland.

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