Friday, September 02, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 2.9.16

Spanish Government: Sr Rajoy has duly failed in his latest bid to become President and, as ever, is blaming everyone but himself, despite being the clearest obstacle imaginable to resolution of the impasse. But, anyway, there now begins another 2-month period of negotiation over a coalition, followed by a 3rd election around Christmas, if this also fails. The question arises:- Could Spanish politicians run a whelk stall? Or even a brewery when sober? Rajoy seems to be betting on the voters eventually becoming so frustrated they'll turn to the person most responsible for the farce - him. He might be right to do so. As well, of course, as being an arrogant, stubborn Gallego.

Corruption: In an attempt to take things forward, the PP finally accepted demands from Cuidadanos that they agree to a manifesto on a battle against this. It turns out, though, that this only relates to national politics and doesn't address the billions lost via the regional, provincial and municipal administrations. The creation of these - arguably excessive - levels in the café para todo era after Franco's death, was naturally an invitation to the desert disease of 'sticky palms' but no one's in a rush now to go backwards. Or at least no one in power. Understandably. Why kill the golden goose when it's yourself?

Property Ownership in Spain: It doesn't come as any great surprise to hear how much of Spain is owned by the Catholic Church, nor that it receives very favourable treatment in respect of taxes and registration rights. In respect of the Grand Mosque in Córdoba, for example. But the people are fighting back, especially where there are left-wing town councils, as in Zaragoza. All strength to their elbows.

Amazon Spain: I'm suggested that Amazon were premature in setting up an operation here. Last night I tried to find out why my Kindle Paperwhite isn't as bright as my daughter's. Going to the Help page, I discovered there's no email option for dealing with the Spanish company. Then I was told they didn't operate a call-back service either. Finally, after I'd perforce opted for the Chat option, I was told by someone with a very un-Spanish name that I was being referred to Amazon Germany. The link took me, not too surprisingly, to a page in German. Finally, I got the advice that there's no chat option for Amazon Germany - as if I wanted one - and that I could call Amazon Spain on a free number. When I've calmed down, I'll do that. Later today.

What a Difference a Day Makes: The 1st of September and this is a square which, a day or two ago, would have been 'rammed' with tourists at the same midday hour:-

That said, not long after I'd snapped that foto, this happened  . . .

A group of snow-top tourists was led through the square, though none of them actually sat down.

Finally . . . Galician Kamikazes. Here's details on the latest of these - an 80 year old guy heading the wrong way on our A6 autopista. We do seem to have more than our first share of these people here.


Sierra said...

..not only 80-y-olds, the youngsters are getting in on the crazy acts:

Alfred B. Mittington said...

Okay. So you don't like Mr Rajoy. Fine.

But kindly do answer me this question: what is the alternative? What would you like Mr Rajoy to do? Step down, I suppose? And then what??


Lenox said...

Find a clean 'popular' to take over. There must be one somewhere, and it could prove to be an elegant solution.

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