Sunday, September 04, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 4.9.16

Franco Madness: As you'll know, his stupidities included changing the natural clock of Spain to that of Germany, out of sympathy for the Nazis. For the same reason, he handed over priceless Visigoth relics found near Segovia to, of all people, Heinrich Himmler. And now Spain wants them back, belatedly. It's hard to see how the Germans can refuse but I guess they will. Precedent and all that. Details here.

Tax Minismisation: Major US companies are being persecuted by the EU for taking perfectly legal - but arguably immoral - ways to reduce their tax bill. Reading of all this, I saw a reference to a town in Wales which has had the brilliant idea of declaring itself to be 'offshore' so that it can take the same measures as the Irish government to attract international coporations there. See the details here. I do hope they succeed. Though, if they do, they'll be hit with the entire might of the EU. At least before Brexit materialises.

On this, a nice foto from my friend Dwight:-


Here are the fotos that got deleted when I was posting the Feira Franca stuff in a rush yesterday. Several of them were taken before yesterday's, so the chronology is off. I added some comments to yesterday's, by the way:-

Along the Alameda, as the various tents are being set up for the day's revelling:-

A group of  visitors being given a tour of the city. When I joined them, the lovely guide told me - very politely - to piss off, as it was private:-

More tents/canopies in La Palmeras:

Ditto. Plus table-setting at one of the restaurants there:-

Just straw. But an annual reminder of my younger daughter saying 10 years ago that some (real) horse dung had been laid down so as to give an air of medieveal authenticity:-

Those safety measure again. Things as they used to be elsewhere:-

Two fotos of a nice group, very conscious of their dignity:-

One of several medieval games available for the young at heart:-

Rabbit roasting. Unless they're cats. I didn´t ask:-

More table-setting:-

A passing dragon:-

Finally . . .  Just before I was knocked unconscious . . . .

The bronze statues in question:-

The one rendered armless . . . 

Unfotunately, there's no foto of the local policeman whose real arm was injured in the rescue.


Perry said...

This is Burgundy!!!!

Colin Davies said...

On my shelf, of course.

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