Friday, September 09, 2016

Pontevedra pensées: 9.9.16

My laptop is on the blink again. So, this will be shorter than usual, as I try to minimise my frustration at typing on a phone. I can't tell you how much trouble I've had posting this.

THE EU’s TAX POWERS GRAB: See here for Don Quijones’ take on the Irish Apple saga.

SPEAKING SPANISH: Here are a few bear traps that even native speakers fall foul of.

ADVERTISING PUFFS: Are we really so inured to nonsense that we don’t react to crap like this:-

  • ALDI: Everyday amazing.
  • Blended with love by Garnier.
  • Sharp: Made with you.

LOCAL TOURISM: Numbers are up 22% this year in Pontevedra. If the same is true of Santiago, it must be getting on for Venice-like dimensions. And hassle. Especially as this has been the hottest/driest summer for several years. We’ve had 28 days when the temperature exceeded 30 degrees. And only 8 days when there was any rain.

BACK TO SCHOOL: My thanks to reader Diego for his comment putting flesh on the bone of the text book scam. He seems to have got off rather lightly; the average cost per pupil us said to be 628 euros.

FINALLY . . . I’ve mentioned my younger daughter’s tendency to worry. As we left Pontevedra by train, she asked whether its whistle blowing meant there was a problem. I replied it only meant that the brakes didn’t work but that we wouldn’t have a problem until we got to Vigo . .

Note: Shortly after I wrote the above paragraph, the news came through that at least 4 people died at 9.30 this morning, following a derailment at more or less the point where my daughter and I had the conversation. It is, of course, nothing but a cruel coincidence, but one which makes you go a little cold if you were in the same carriage on the same train only 2 mornings ago. I've left in the paragraph  because life must go on. I have, of course, given up all hope of curing my daughter's tendency to worry excessively . . . .


Maria said...

If your daughter worries that much, try to keep this news from her:

Colin Davies said...

Díos mío, Maria. Hope she never hears of it!

Diego said...

I think you´d be better off with an -El Cheapo- Windows laptop...

Colin Davies said...

Exactly what i am thinking. Looking at cheapest back up today as not ready to obey daughters' instruction to lash out on a Mac Air . . . Possibly even a tower . .

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