Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 12.10.16


Malaga: Here's a list of things to do in this lovely city.

Paying for Religion: Anyone who's a member of a faith in Germany pays 8-9% of their taxes towards their church or community. In Spain, and notwithstanding a 1975 concordat with the state, the Catholic Church used to receive an annual lump sum from the total tax take. This was supposed to depend on how many taxpayers ticked a box on their declaration confirming they were happy to let a small percentage of their taxes go to the Church. But this was a sham; the amount never varied. A couple of years ago, this mechanism finally became a reality, after the Church has negotiated an increase in the percentage. Hence the adverts/exhortations from it around the deadline for submissions in late June

Pre-Spanish Mexico: Not really about Spain but interesting nonetheless. Click here.


The Internet: No, not my long-standing problems but those of a couple who arrived a month or so ago, to live and work here. In internet-based businesses. I have to admit I was afeared for them and so not too surprised when they called me last night to tell me about problems with Orange. I have to admit I couldn't provide any possible reason why the company declines to sell them more capacity than the contracted 30G per month that had proved totally – and inexplicably - inadequate. Anyway, I'm going with them to talk to Orange and will advise of the bullshit we're given in due course.


The Crisis of the Left: Here's an internationalist overview on this. As the writer says, this started before the appointment as PSOE leader of the hapless Pedro Sanchez.


The Banks: More on Deutsche Bank and the efforts being made to hide its weaknesses. BTW . . . Have I already posted this chart of the reducing share prices of EU banks?


The USA: Mad Magazine – yes, it's still published – has produced a Trump version of John Lennon's Imagine. Click here for a smile.


Fascinating Spain: Here and here are pages (in Spanish) on the region and on Pontevedra province and city. And here and here are pages in English. Sadly, the only city covered in English is Vigo. I guess it makes sense to someone . . .

TurGalicia Videos: Here's another one, featuring bits of Pontevedra between seconds 37 and 39.

Pontevedra City: Finally, here's more bloody unwelcome publicity about my city.


As I've mentioned, the speed limit up the long hill to my house is 30kph, or 19mph. This obliges me to drive all the way in second gear. Imagine my surprise, then, last night - as I approached some roadworks - to see a sign advising that the speed limit had been reduced to 40kph, or 25mph. . .

Says it all really.


Bougainvillea: A major problem with these is the growth of what, I think, are called suckers. These grow at a phenomenal rate. I cut down 21 of them this morning and there are more I can only reach from my bedroom window. Here's a foto of several that have grown outside my back door over the last week:-

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Damn fine bank chart you have there. You linked to it on a previous occasion & I circulated it to my connections. Cries of anguish were heard.