Monday, October 03, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 3.10.16

SPANISH SOCIETY: The Olive Press asks here who's really going to tackle what the Spanish see as the country's biggest problem. No candidates are cited. Which is understandable.


The PSOE Party: I find it strange that, in all the ordure heaped on the now ex leader, no one seems to show any sympathy for the problem he had in dealing with the 'far-left' Podemos challenge. It'll be interesting to see how the temporary and permanent new leaders cope with this. If they can't, the party will be, like Labour in the UK, out of power for at least 2 electoral cycles.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of wonderful Spanish reactions to the putsch led by the Andalucian Presidenta, Susana Díaz. Of whom I've failed to find an admirer as yet:-

Stay still, everyone! Not you, Pedro! You can go!

Finally we know who Rajoy's daughter is.


In El País yesterday, a columnist gave the following reasons for the surprisingly strong growth of this, all the while stressing that the Spanish are better than they think they are:-
  1. Lots of investment, especially from outside Spain
  2. Growing family wealth, reflecting the fact that 80% of people own their own homes and mortgage rates are very low
  3. A high level of international competitiveness, as reflected in exports.
No mention of the tourism bonanza arising from the misfortunes of other countries. 


Hungary: Here's an article which possibly explains the significance of developments there. Even though the referendum has been declared invalid for low turnout.


Daughters: I've tried hard to give my two a sense of humour but have clearly failed. For this is what my younger daughter sent me yesterday . . . .


A Fantastic Lunch: On Saturday, I enjoyed my latest meal with my Galician friends of the Porcos Bravos football team. This took place in the boardroom of a new beer factory in which I'm a (small) investor. Which is a tad ironic as I don't much like (bitter) beer. In a typical act of Galician/Spanish kindness, I was given a whole bottle of wine to myself. I didn't drink it all, of course. But enough to cause me to fall into a postprandial zizz. Here's a foto of the enormous table and many of the 26 strangely-shaped chairs. Which helped with the zizzing:-

And here's some of the churrasco we enjoyed:-


Another Stupid Ad: This one is for cat litter, would you believe: Catsan – For the beautiful feeling of being home. I can't begin to understand what this means. And whether it applies to you or the cat.


Drying a Towel: If you wish to do this quickly in the microwave, my recommendation is that you put the latter on for less than 3 minutes. Otherwise, it comes out like this. And then bursts into flames as soon as you take it out and the oxygen gets to the embers. If you're lucky, you'll have tiles on the floor and so won't burn your carpet . . .


Alfred B. Mittington said...

The real challenge for any new PSOE leader will be win back the younger generations. These, being tired of the old corrupt ways of middle-aged, middle-of-the-road politicians, and of being eternally at the receiving end of austerity, have abandoned the traditional socialist party en masse for Podemos. Last week I saw a statistic, which - if I remember well - showed that over 50 % of PSOE voters were older than 60 in the last two elections. Not a problem which you solve with a few sexy Twitter-accounts…


Eamon said...

Running an empty microwave oven for over three minutes can cause damage due to heat building up. Best to put a glass of water in the microwave at the same time as a tea towel. The water will absorb the excess heat while the towel gives off it moisture.

Eamon said...

For it read its.

Perry said...

PyromanicAL information for a rain soaked pilgrim, who does not have access to microwave oven.

Steel wool & 9 volt battery.

Spontaneous combustion.

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