Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 19.11.16


The Paradors: These government owned and run hotels are, usually, magnificent places. According to El Huff Post readers, the best is Cangas de Onís in Asturias. I plan to check on this when I next drive to the ferry in Santander. For the rest of the readers' choices, click here. Or don't, as I can't find the relevant link right now. But here's an earlier Huff Post article on this theme, putting our nearby Parador of Santo Estevo as king of the midden. Must take a look at it.

Buying Property in Spain: Is this still a good idea? Dunno. But these folk think it is. If you do take the plunge, I'd advise you to check out the consequences of Modelo 720 (see below) before you take up Spanish residency. Or are obliged by law to do so, even if you don't want to.

Spain's Most Charming Undiscovered Towns: Here's The Local's list of these. Apologies if I've cited this before. They do tend to re-cycle things.


Podemos: Members of this 'far-left' party remained seated and silent while the rest of parliament stood and applauded the king's recent address to them. I can't see this improving their support in the next local, regional or national elections. But it's the sort of thing such parties do to demonstrate their purity. Even if it costs votes. That said, I doubt even the Movement people behind Jeremy Corbyn would be dumb enough to do this in the UK.


From a Recent Letter to Private Eye: While for the middle classes the referendum appeared to be more about getting access to their holiday homes or getting their pampered offspring on Erasmus courses, others less fortunate have seen their futures destroyed during our membership of the Brussels club. The author then cites the example that in the Grimsby area the major remaining fishing-related activity is the processing of fish imported from the non-EU Iceland. More than a grain of truth in that, of course. 


Modern Pronunciation: Two words have changed in this respect over my life to date:-
  1. Hospital: The stress used to be on the first syllable. Now it's on the last one.
  2. H: This used to be aitch. Now it seems to be almost universally haitch. Which used to be considered 'common'. 

Hong Kong: There's a problem there in finding space for corpses. So, someone's building a floating cemetery. Or, rather, a fully functioning cruise ship, with restaurants, gyms, hotel rooms and a cinema. And space for 48,000 funerary urns. It'll be the world's first floating columbarium and will be moored in Kowloon Bay. It had to happen.


Wild Boars: It was a fruitless first night for the 3 brave archers charged with killing a few of these. The fault of a full moon, it's said. I'm not sure why; I'd have thought this would help them aim.


FCC: This is a waste-management company based in Barcelona. It's being investigated for defrauding the local authority to the tune of €800,000. I can't find anything in English but here's El País on this.

Justice?: The buyers of 'illegal properties' - mostly British - have lost hundreds of thousands of euros.  In contrast . . . .

The case
The Accused
 Allegations and Status

Urban corruption in Zurgena, Almería
"C.D.B.F. "
Town hall employee
Allowing 94 houses to be built on non-buildable land.



Modelo 720: I've written of my battle with the The Tax Office (La Hacienda) over fines associated with late submission of my 2012 declaration. I've now received  a letter advising they'll be taking €115 directly from my account but making no mention of my formal appeal against this charge. So, another letter and at least another visit to the local office to deliver it and to try to stop the computerised process. With no confidence whatsoever I'll get my money back even if they finally rule in my favour. Así son las cosas. In no country - even less so here - does it pay to get on the wrong side of tax authorities far more interested in plucking low hanging fruit than in tackling massive evasion by the rich and powerful.


Sierra said...

Parador of Santo Estevo - stunning location in Sil valley:

Be sure to visit adjacent church at sunset:

Anthea said...

Pronunciation - maybe the factvthatvso many Spaniards work kn the NHS has made the pronsunciation of hospital become more Spanish!

And "haitch" drives me crazy but our grandchildren have consistently been taight by primary teachers who use that pronunciation. The boy is adamant that I am wrong! However, he must be doing something right as his Spanish teacher says he is doing very well and is one of the few children in the class prepared to have a go at speaking Spanish. Hurray!

Colin Davies said...

Many thanks, Sierra.

Perry said...

Here's Wikipedia's take on the 'ateful "H".

As for the tree bowyers, I would not start from there. Wild pigs are hunted with dogs.

Perry said...

My father hunted wild pigs in NZ from 1949-1953. said...

Speaking of the lovely Sil Valley, your next Camino might lie right along there. Check out the Camino de Invierno. Begins in Ponferrada, with stops at O Barco de Valdeorras, A Rua, Monforte de Lemos, and Lalin, where it joins to the Via de la Plata northward. It passes through all the Galician provinces, as well as three different and divine Denominations de Origin wine regions. Spectacular scenery, adequate accommodation, unspoilt environment.
It goes right by the lovely church illustrated above.
Get there before it's overrun!

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I have researched this and was disappointed to find that this camino didn't actually pass through any of the bodegas on the way. It's definitely on my list for 2017 or 2018, even tho' the phrase 'adequate accommodation' worries me a tad.

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