Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Pontevedra Pensées: 9.11.16

06.54 CET

The Good News is that it's my birthday. Physically, I'm now in my very late 50s. Mentally, I've finally reached 29.

The Bad News is that - across the pond - the louse has beaten the flea and the USA now has a bad case of the DTs.

It's turned out to be not a case of an unpopular Donald Trump being the only Republican candidate who couldn't beat Hillary Clinton but rather a case of even-more-unpopular Hillary Clinton being the only Democrat candidate who couldn't beat Donald Trump. Which - I have to admit - my old US friend, Rick, correctly called in the face of my incredulity.

Assuming there's no assassination, the question now is whether Donald Trump has a better chance of delivering on his promises/threats than Obama had when he was elected amidst ludicrously unconstrained optimism 8 years ago. I'm guessing that he doesn't. And that he won't be delivering all those jobs he's promised to restore, for example. Or building that infamous wall. But, hey, what do I know? I forecast that Mrs C would win by 5-7 percentage points.

So, there'll be a loose cannon nominally in charge of the world's only superstate. It's the best example I can recall of that famous Chinese curse - interesting times.

And it's certainly the most noteworthy of my birthdays. So far. With Trump in power, it might not be for very long . . .

Meanwhile, the rest of today's news and views inevitably seem not merely anodyne but almost irrelevant. So, I'll keep it short. And then go back to bed, ahead of what I expect to be a memorable lunch set up for me by the lovely owners of my favourite watering hole. Life goes on. The fundamentals remain the same. As I think I've quoted before:- In life, nothing matters very much and quite a lot doesn't matter at all.

SOME SPANISH SITES TO CHECK OUT when you've recovered from the shock:-
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow. 

Footnote: In Canada, the government's website crashed after it was inundated with visitors apparently researching how to become a Canadian citizen. 

Sign off . . . .  Someone has just suggested it might be a dead heat, with 269 votes for each candidate. God forbid.


This is how my day has begun:-
  • Trump elected.
  • No TV channels whatsoever via my satellite dish. Totally unprecedented.
  • No audio in a Skype link with my daughter and granddaughter.
  • No cash in my wallet
  • First ATM inoperative, at my bank
  • Second ATM being repaired
  • Third ATM charged me 2%
Just a coincidence? I think not! Someone is upset with me . . . 


Sierra said...

The Scottish Buchan Observer newspaper summed it up best - "Aberdeenshire business owner wins presidential election"

Colin Davies said...


paideleo said...

Poño aniversario, non pola elección de Trump.

Colin Davies said...


Perry said...

I am very pleased that H. R. Clinton was soundly defeated. Regardless of his call for unity by President Trump Elect, in the fullness of time, the Clinton Foundation will be dissected & we'll see if prosecutions follow. President Trump Elect will make a better leader than Obama, who is worse than Nixon was.

I can recall the advice my driving instructor gave me 55 years ago. First you learn how to pass the driving test, thereafter you learn to drive. President Trump Elect had to do & say what it took to become elected, hereafter he will speak & behave as an American Statesman.

Maria said...

Happy belated, Colin.

Yesterday was a day of shock, indeed. What was considered the impossible, happened, just like the results of Brexit or the peace accords in Colombia. Next thing, Marie Le-Pen will become France's next president and Pegida will rule in Germany, both despite what blind pollsters will predict.

I disagree with reader Perry. While Clinton was part of the old Washington establishment, her only mistake was to be less than tech-savvy and use a private server for her emails that she shouldn't have. Mr. Trump is a dilettante millionaire that has no idea of what is about to hit him.

While President Nixon did open up China for trade (and we can all see what has happened since), he was also an unscrupulous man who would stoop to anything to remain in power. President Obama is charismatic, well-spoken, and up till now has no major blemish on his character. He has opened up with Cuba, and with the passing of the years, we will see how the American companies that set up shop there will more than triple the number of those that had to leave with the advent of Castro. President Obama has also allayed tensions with Iran by allowing them access to their frozen assets and being recognized as a world player. Iran will never be America's friend, but it has become a minor enemy rather than a major one.

On the home front, President Obama has also made healthcare affordable for millions of people, especially those with pre-existing conditions who would not have had access to insurance on their own. He has tried to improve racial relations and social justice overall, always with the stone wall of the Republican Congress against which he had to butt and would only move a half-inch each time. Thanks to the Republican Congress, a nominee for the Supreme Court has had his hearing blocked. Now, Mr. Trump is at liberty to suggest a nominee that will, most likely, set back social justice legislation to antedeluvian times in the decades to come.

As I said before, yesterday was a day of shock.

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