Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 21.1.17

Well, there was snow in Torrevieja this week, for the first time in over 100 years. I suspect the residents won't feel there's been much global warming going on there this winter.

What would I do without The Local?:

Spain's unemployment news continues to be both good and bad. 

Regular readers will know not only that Spanish utility prices continue to soar ever upwards but also that the government stops you compensating by using the sun via solar panels on your roof. And that: The price of actual power to the end consumer is only around 35% of their bills, with 40% being the standing charge and 25% taxes and charges, meaning it is very difficult to save money by reducing use. It's interesting to hear there'll be an official inquiry into the possibility of a cartel. Though you'd have to be a supreme optimist to think it'll do any good.

I was delighted to read last night that a film about a surfing trip in Galicia had won first prize at a British festival. Until a friend pointed out it was only the London Surf Film Festival. But anyway, here's something on it, including a nice 7 minute video extract. It's called Road Through Galicia. And the scenery and sunsets look as great as they are.

To be even-handed . . .  Here's a few fotos of Asturias, where I was Friday and Saturday. Given the hills and  bends, you never know what's around corner in this adjacent region. Sometimes the town of Tineo. This is especially true if you go in the right direction, i. e. towards it:-

From the same place I took  a foto of verdant scenery last spring:-

Ditto, but looking upwards at a wooden floor that doesn't look any safer a year on:-

For those not familiar with the images I mentioned yesterday . . .  Here's The Madonna and Child:-

And here's La Pieta.

The difference is not terribly subtle . . . .

By the way . . .  My son-in-law later made the same mistake as my daughter and he's just as religious as she is. What on earth is the Catholic world coming to? I'm forced to ask. It was far more knowledgable when I was a part of it. Which stands to reason I guess. And reason is good enough for me.

Finally . . . An apt true story:-

A ship ran into trouble in the Persian Gulf.  
The captain ordered the crew to gather round. 
"Anyone one know the correct prayer to Allah to save a sinking ship?" he asked. 
"Yes, I do!" said one earnest-looking young man. 
"Good", said the captain. "You pray while the rest of us put on life jackets. We're one short".

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paideleo said...

Curioso o da festa do Jarramplas. Polo menos non maltratan un animal.

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