Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 24.1.17

I'm short on time this morning but The Olive Press has come to my rescue with this odd story about Vietnamese success in Barcelona.

Not to mention this list of the rudest Spanish words and phrases from The List. Which is incorrectly written but I leave it to Alfie Mittington to explain why.

And here's a fabulous spoof on Donald Trump from a Dutch comedian with a huge talent for imitating the man's appalling speech mode. And his nonsensical statements, of course. How History will laugh at the man. And at the American voters who put him in the White House.

And what on earth to make of this madness?

The British government has announced it's going to increase the fine for speeding. If you do more than 100mph(160kph), the fine will be 150% of your weekly salary, as against 'only' 100% now. An interesting approach. I wonder what would happen if it were tried in Spain.

If you're going to visit the UK, I counsel against ignoring a daughter's advice against nipping down to the local shopping precinct just before the evening rush hour starts at 4pm. Even less wise is attempting a short cut that takes you down narrow lanes and through small villages at this time of day. Or heading north on the A34 towards Manchester when you really want to be going south towards Congleton. The only consolation to what might be a very frustrating experience is the chance to listen to the wonderful offerings from BBC's Radio 4. Though you can stuff The Archers, however trendy the story lines are.

A request: I need to describe Scouse humour to a friend and, astonishingly, a quick google search throws up nothing adequate. Or even relevant. Apart from the ever-reliable Perry, can anyone help me out on this? Any definition I come up with is going to be very biased, of course.

Finally . . . . I've been able to touch-type since I was 19, a brilliant talent to have since the dawning of the age of computers and keyboards. But there are certain words that never come out right. One of these is 'anwyay'. Do others suffer from these black spots? I shall compile a list of my own, which will surely be of great interest.

Today's cartoon. Back to Trump:-


Sierra said...

"You may go to jail for excessive speeding in Spain: Speeding exceeding 80 km/h over the legal limit in motorways, or exceeding 60 km/h over the legal limit in city roads will be penalized with either imprisonment or a heavy fine based upon your salary or social works, and with deprivation of the driving licence for up to 4 years.

art. 379.1 del Código Penal (conducción a velocidad excesiva): El que condujere un vehículo de motor o un ciclomotor a velocidad superior en sesenta kilómetros por hora en vía urbana o en ochenta kilómetros por hora en vía interurbana la permitida reglamentariamente, será castigado con la pena de prisión de tres a seis meses o con la de multa de seis a doce meses o con la de trabajos en beneficio de la comunidad de treinta y uno a noventa días, y, en cualquier caso, con la de privación del derecho a conducir vehículos a motor y ciclomotores por tiempo superior a uno y hasta cuatro años."


Anthea said...

I also read that Trumps White House has also closed down a phone line which accepted queries and comments from the public (it was an Obama innovation after all), directing callers instead to publish their comments via Facebook messenger. This is in line with a president who tweets, I suppose, but apparently it disenfranchises the approximate 15% of the US population who do not have computers. Sommuch for the "president for ALL Americans".

My most frequent mistype has always been "studnets", particualry embarrassing when I had a pastoral role in a sixth form college and had to produce a whole lot of reports involving the word "studnets" - therevit was again!

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, folks.

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