Sunday, January 08, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 8.1.17

The good news is that Spain has an increasing number of centenarians. The bad news is that, if they have a state pension, the increase in it this year is just 0.25%.

Other bad news is that excess prescribing of antibiotics in Spain has led to a level of resistance in kids which is 3.5 times higher than in Norway. In the USA and Germany, it's 'only' 1.5 times. Worrying.

I might have mentioned that I'm a member of the George Borrow Society. GB was an eccentric English polymath who came to Spain in the 1830s to try to sell both Protestant Bibles and extracts he'd translated into the gypsy language, Caló. And then wrote a very entertaining - and possibly truthful - account in his book The Bible in Spain. Well, the GB Soc will give me a discount of 10% on my annual fee for every new member I persuade to join. So, if you do, don't forget to mention my name. After the appropriate number, the GFB Soc will surely start paying me an annual commission. If you want to know more about GB, you can do no better than start here, at a page written - would you believe - by a Dutchman. Who's obviously eccentric.

It comes as no great surprise to read that the city of Valencia is Number One when it comes to corruption. It seems pretty institutionalised down in the South. But it's all a question of degree, of course.

María Dolores de Cospedal is the Spanish Minister of Defence. On Friday she attended a military ceremony with the monarchs and looked, I thought, rather good. But you had to feel sorry for her having to walk behind the clothes-horse-cum-stick-insect which queen Letizia has become. Even if she was wearing the same outfit as last year. Looking at the foto in the Voz de Galicia, it struck me that Sra Cospedal had for some reason thought it smart to carry a small, long-haired dog as an accessory. These fotos give you some idea but, sadly, none is as clear as the one in La Voz:-

There really should be a bubble coming from the mouth of Sra Cospedal in the top picture. And a prize for the best bitchy comment.

Finally . . . Today's cartoon, in honour of eccentric Dutchmen . . .

7 comments: said...

Commentary on two powerful women is limited to their figures and clothing. So enlightened, and so enlightening, Colin. And not a word about the king's bellboy outfit?

May emus kick your dunny down.

Colin Davies said...

Overreaction, may I say.

It was a necessary lead-up to a joke about the handbag . . . The king's outfit - even more ludicrous than the others I laughed at - was not terribly relevant.

Letizia is powerful??? In the fashion world certainly. But elsewhere???

Cospedal, decreasingly so, if one believes what one reads . . .

Now, La Enana, that's a different story. But I've mentioned that.

Confused by the antipodean language.

Ferrolano said...

But Darling, doesn't a junior miss sized dress come with a trainer bra?

Alfred B. Mittington said...

The Dutchman tells me he very much appreciates your recommendation, and will gladly appear in Ms Cospedal's curtain cloth dress if only 100 of your readers visit the recommanded site…

Promise !!


Colin Davies said...


By coincidence, I've just told a lady friend that her dress didn't need ironing but was made of material that I suspected was rouched(??) as curtains are . . .

Can your Dutch friend be relied on to report 100 hits?? I fear not.

Perry said...

Always thought hacking was riding 'n' 'orse.

Perry said...

Willis Eschenbach contributes to Watts Up With That as well as his new blog. He is erudite on matters of espionage.

He is a thorn in the side of watermelons & as such, is subject to ad hominem attacks, because he is correct most of the time, but he finishes his posts with "Yes, I’ve said it before: Please QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU ARE REFERRING TO in your comment, so we can all understand what you’re talking about."

He was attacked in 2013.

However, the PT article comments are illuminating & on a balance of probabilities, Willis E is entertaining, informative & on the correct side of the political divide; the Stan Smith side.

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