Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 11.2.17

Are you likely to be in Spain on Feb 14 and looking for a romantic place to spend the day/night? The Local has some tips for you here.

And here's The Local again with more specific info on the Asturian capital of Oviedo, to the loveliness of which I can attest.

And here's their recipe for a perfect Spanish tortilla. Not to be confused with that different animal, the Mexican tortilla. Cue hundreds of comments from angry Spanish readers of The Local about the wrongness of their suggestion

One of Spain's lengthy corruption trials is finally coming to an end, with some long jail sentences. Click here for details. Given how much judges are involved in pre-trial investigations in Spain I 'm wondering whether this helps to explain how inadequate judicial resources are and how slow the wheels of justice turn there. This case – labelled Gürtel - had been under investigation for more than 6 years before getting to court.

Still on the corruption theme . . Thirteen Andalusian health officials have been arrested following a fraud valued at around 250,000€. The investigations concentrate on hospitals in Cádiz.

Does Spain really adhere to the paramount EU principle of freedom of people movement? No more than any other EU member, if this account is truly representative. As I suspect it is.

So, is the Trump gang out to destroy the euro and the EU in the interests of making America great again? Quite possibly. Click here for the evidence.

Nutters' Corner: I will be featuring here the comments of US Evangelists on Donald Trump:-
  • Donald Trump has removed the “Spirit of Witchcraft” from the White House
  • See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake.  Oh, no. That's Trump addressing a federal court, as if it had nothing to do with the application of law in the USA.

A relevant foto. Not so much Look at Me as Look at Mine:-

Finally . . . A foto for Spanish-speaking men, courtesy of my (currently married) friend, David:-


Anthea said...

Not a bad tortilla recipe! I query the stirring in the final stages but that's about all. I may not be Spanish but I have a reputation for making a mean tortilla!!!

Ferrolano said...

For my taste, a tortilla should be with onion and slightly runny.
It is good to see that some of the corruption cases are finally drawing to a close, slowly of course.
As for an NIE, when more recently buying another property, it was decided that I needed this identification, as without it, how could the taxman take his cut?? Off to the local police station and in less than a week it was granted.....

Colin Davies said...

I'm with Ferronalo on the perfect tortilla but would go one step further. In my regular bar-cum-restuarant, they add raw ginger at my request. If you ever get there, it's called Tortilla de Colin. I'll probably be assassinated for this solecism now.