Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pontevedra Pensées: 14.2.17

Possibly to the surprise of some, Pablo Iglesias has been relected leader of Spain's (far?)left Podemos party, which has been mired in a personal feud for several months now. See here on this.

El Independiente reports that the Spanish Tax Office (the Hacienda) here has belatedly decided that the country's many ultra-cheap Chinese bazars are another low-hanging fruit. They might well be right in this case but stand by for increased prices.

Corruption: After the usual judge-led investigation, the ex-head of Spain's central bank has been charged with a criminal offence. Click here for details.

More importantly, here's Spain's entry for the next Eurovision night of tat. I'm sure it'll do well. Or as well as Spain's entries usually do, anyway.

Is there anything that The Local can't make a list of? Here's their 28 signs that your (foreign) child is Spanish. Ten would probably have been quite enough.

I asked that question about The Local's list capability even before I saw this one. By the way, do their lists qualify as listicles, for which the once-great Daily Telegraph has a pathetic affection?

One of the pluses of the location of my younger daughter's house in Heald Green - and there are many - is that it's 5 minutes' from a Pakistani grocery store. Which I have walked around in slack-jawed awe in the same way as I once did around Bombay's spice market. Virtually every product is from the sub-continent and many of them are mouth-watering. I'll be buying a tin of ghee to take back to Spain, for a start. Last night, I snapped the vegetables outside the shop, including several I'm not familiar with. Including purple Pakistani carrots. Whose growers have yet to fall under the dire influence of Dutch breeders:-

Finally . . . Here's John Oliver on the subject of Trump and Truth. Warning: You might not be able to view this unless you're in the USA or your VPN masks the fact that you aren't.

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